Give Dollar Stores a Chance

Hell yeah I shop at the dollar stores, and I'm not talking about Family Dollar or Dollar General. I'm talking about the stores where everything is $1. I've bought everything from toothpaste to incense to those dreaded chinese mesh slippers out of there. I've even bought items for my house like figurines and wall hangings. I guess you could say I'm a veteran shopper of these dollar stores, but recently, I had talked one of my saditty friends into shopping there. My friend is one of those people that get on her soapbox from time to time and brag about how much this costs and how much that costs ****rolls eyes at her bullshit****. You couldn't get her to go into one of these dollar stores to save her soul. The day that I've talked her into coming with me, you would've thought this girl was a kid in a candy store. "Wooowww, so everthything is a dollar, cooolllll". This girl was grabbing everything-candy, figurines, candles, etc. After our little shopping trip, the girl was smiling so hard you would've thought she walked out of there with a new Gucci bag for $1. "I bought a lot of stuff, and everthing was a dollar"! Now she goes there all the time. I'm not trying to push my cheap and frugal ways onto people, but you could find some really neat stuff in the dollar stores, so give them a chance. You'll never know what you'll find until you go.

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