Introducing Me...The Cheap Chica

I love, love, love a good deal, so when I spot one, I move in for the kill. I was never into labels- just too much money for a piece of clothing when I could go into Wet Seal or wherever and get a much cheaper version. I get my inspiration out of magazines and then I try to recreate the look on my shoestring budget, sort of like an episode of "The Look for Less", but without the time constraints. I shop anywhere from thrift stores to Ross Dress for Less to Target. And if anyone ask where I got my lovely ensemble...there's no shame in my game. I tell them, and you should see the look on their faces. Sometimes their expressions are "wow, what a great deal", and sometimes the expressions are "eewww, you got that from Walmart". Whatever they're thinking doesn't matter to me. I'm going to be cheap 'til the day I die and look good while being cheap. I refuse to spend all my hard earned paycheck on a piece of clothing that's more than half of my paycheck and then eat ramen noodles everyday until next payday. Hell to the naaw! This is my first blog, so bear with me, but I will be providing tips on how to get a killer outfit on a budget as well as provide you with coupons and in-store deals to some great stores. Cheap Chica to the rescue.

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