Who in the HELL are still wearing THESE????

I must admit, I was into the whole chinese mesh slipper fad three years ago. I think I bought just about every color ever made because they were so damn cheap-like $2-$4 a pair. I haven't worn mine in forever, but while I was out and about this week, I saw some people, a couple of people, still rockin' 'em. Oh, hell to the naw! I could've sworn these shoes were over and out about a year ago, but apparently they're not over in my neck of the woods. I've even seen people wear these shoes in nightclubs. And the super-tacky award goes to... Why, why, why? I mean, if that's your style, more power to 'ya. Even I still have a couple of pairs in my closet that for some strange reason I haven't been able to get rid of, but you wouldn't catch me in the club wearing them-or anywhere for that matter. I'm no fashion expert, but when I first saw this trend start, it just screamed "i'm not going to be around for a while". The shoes just had that look to them. Now, if any of you are reading this, and you are still wearing the chinese mesh slippers, I don't mean to offend you, I just wanna know how anyone can still incorporate them into their wardrobe.

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The Bargain Queen said...

I completely agree about the mesh ones but the velvet ones are really cute and timeless. I wouldn't wear them to a club though! They're more of a casual lunch thing.

I don't actually wear them though, my feet are so fussy about arch support I can only wear expensive shoes ;) ... (but I buy them on sale at least!)

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