Old Navy Flip Flops: the "little black dress" of the shoe world

They say that a girl can never have enough shoes. In my case, I can never have enough Old Navy flip flops. I practically live in flip flops all year round since I'm here in the Sunshine State, but the classic ones from Old Navy are always my flip flop of choice. They just about go with anything and there are many colors to choose from. Since they're only 2 for $5, I always stock up on the white ones because a) they always sell out of the white ones-in store and online, b) white gets so dirty and I don't like wearing dirty flip flops, and c) duh, they're 2 for $5. What a great price for good quality flip flops.

Also, when I'm feeling a bit crafty, I get my trusty glue gun and some sequins or beads and create my own stylish pair. I refuse to pay an insanely high price for some flops that I could make myself. I know it doesn't take much to just glue on some embellishments, but as long as there's a designer label slapped on it, people are gonna run out and buy them.

Like I said, I wear these babies everywhere (not everywhere. I know when and where they are
appropriate) I enjoy the benefits of them-they're comfortable, they're versatile, and they're inexpensive. Just what I like.

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