The Perfume Hustle

Yesterday while at my family's house, a group of women in a van pulled up. "Excuse me, do any of you wanna buy some cologne?", one of the women asked. "Do you have Polo Black?", I asked, because I wanted to get Mr. Cheap Chica a bottle (it smells so good). She told me she had some and led me to the back of the van. The "Polo Black" she had was some knockoff version and she was selling them for $20 a bottle! I may be cheap and all, but when it comes to cologne for myself and Mr. Cheap Chica, I want the real deal. She was giving me this song and dance about how they needed the money for school books and they were selling the cologne as a side hustle. I wasn't buying. My aunt somehow got roped into buying several bottles of cologne for $20 a pop when for another $10 or $15 she could have bought the real stuff. If the chick was selling the stuff for $5 or maybe even $10, I probably would have bought it. But to me, $20 is a lot of money for some fake shit. What would you have done in this situation? Would you spend the $20 on a bottle of cologne knowing damn well that the scent would probably last all of five minutes, or would you have kept it movin' and spend your money wisely? I did the latter.

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