Bargain Shoe of the Week 5-14-06

I really love these shoes. I was in Target yesterday and I don't know why I didn't grab them. Maybe it was my conscience talking to me. But for some reason, LL Cool J's song always seems to pop into my head. "It's hard for me to con-trol myself". I resisted the urge to buy them-this time. Xhiliration "Tequila" wedge sandals $19.99. Also available in black.

And for any even sweeter deal......

Xhiliration Metallic Flip Flops 2 for $15 (available at your local Target, on sale this week). Get them online for $6.99 each (2 for $15 not available online). These are similar to the J Crew version that's like $48, but these are a much, much better price. Keep it cheap!

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