Gasbuddy is my buddy

I live a block away from my job, so you would think that I would try to conserve gas and walk to work-WRONG!!! Down here in Florida, it's hotter than a mothertrucker right now and I ain't trying to walk to work only to pass out from heat exhaustion. Goddamn gas prices!!!! But, my memory started jogging and I remember someone telling me about this website called Gasbuddy. It helps you find the cheapest gas in your area and it's updated I think, every hour or so to reflect new gas prices. I wish I remembered this website yesterday, because me and Mr. Cheap Chica went to get gas from the station down the road from our house and it was like $3.15 per gallon. One woman at the tank next to us put $5.00 worth of gas in her car. FIVE punk-ass dollars worth of gas. Yeah, five bucks probably would've filled her car up back in the days, but now, I don't think so. Hit up the site and see where the cheapest gas is in your area so you could save some money. Hey, maybe you could find gas cheap enough that $5 COULD fill up your tank. So much for wishful thinking.

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