How to make ankle-tie shoes stay put

Yesterday, while me and Mr. Cheap Chica were out and about, I made an impulse buy of a pair of ankle-tie flats. I wore them out of the store because they matched the outfit that I had on. By the time we got to our next destination, the laces came undone. This has been going on almost all day and no matter how secure I thought they were, they still kept coming undone. It was driving me nuts. When we finally got home, I started reading my new issue of Lucky magazine, and they just happen to have an article about how to make ankle-tie shoes stay put (wish I would have read it earlier). Here are some tips:

If the strap is made of rope: Go for a double-knot, but wear it in the front. If you put it in the back, it's more likely to get caught on your shoe when you walk.

Grosgrain: Wrap the straps tightly above your ankle, then pull one end back toward your heel and loop the other around the entire bunch of ribbon several times so it's securing all of the layers, not just the top one. Knot it.

Satin or velvet: A half bow, finished by wrapping the long end of the ribbon once over the knot and tucking it under the straps. It should stay put this way.

I've tried the one for the grosgrain strap and it worked pretty well, I didn't have to stop and keep re-tying them. Let me know if any of these tips work for you. Thanks Lucky magazine. Holla!

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