TV Tonight 5-24-06

It's official, folks. Taylor Hicks is our American Idol (woo hoo!). I knew he was going to win. It was time for a man to win this year anyway (notice a pattern every year-boy, girl, boy, girl...). But seriously, the guy can sing. Dancing...I'm not so sure of, but he can sing. I was a member of the Soul Patrol from day one. Now, I did have my favorites like Mandisa, Paris, and Chris. But when they started getting voted off, I thought all hope was lost. Taylor kept hope alive. I'm still in doubt that this guy is 29 years old, but I could be wrong. I hope noone tries to sabotage his career by saying that he is actually 49 years old (Old Patrol, anyone?), because there are some cutthroat people out there that'll try to make a dollar off some tabloid crap. Anyway, congrats to him and I wish him well. I almost forgot. Wasn't it funny seeing that guy on stage singing a rendition of Elton John's "Don't Let the Sun go Down on Me", and then having Clay Aiken join him on stage? I personally thought that was the highlight of tonight's show. Clay rocks!!! Not quite feeling the new hairstyle, but he still rocks!

I didn't really watch anything else tonight. Mr. Cheap Chica was watching his favorite show, "Pinks!" It's a neat show-if you like the concept of drag racing for pink slips. Other than that, there was nothing better to watch. I should've watched "Hillside Cannibals" before I return it, but I'm sleepy and I'm going to turn in for the night.

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