Weekend Finds: Ross and local thrift store

Have you ever walked into a store and it looked like a damn tornado went through it? That's what happened today when I went to my local Ross Dress for Less. It was so messy in there that it completely turned me off from shopping (IT TAKES A LOT TO KEEP ME FROM SHOPPING). I didn't even look through the whole place because it was dump. But, I managed to walk out of there with something- a cute little top that I may wear out this coming Thursday night. For $6.00, I couldn't leave it in that cluttered mess. Moving on, I went to my local thrift store. I found knee-length Old Navy skirt for $3.99 and I finally found a patent leather belt that fits. Remember the other day I was telling y'all about how I am so feeling the patent leather belts from the '80s right about now? Well, I found a white skinny one for $1. Sweet! Here are the pics from my finds today (sorry for the quality, time for me to get a new camera):

  • Belt $0.99, thrift store
  • Kimono sleeved top $5.99, Ross. This top actually has gold threading in it. Of course, you can't see it because my camera is a piece of crap, but it's really cute!
  • Knee length skirt $3.99, thrift store


BrownEyedGirl said...

Love that top!:) I really want a patent leather black belt but my local thrift store never has cute belts, and they never fit at the waist if the do! Love yours!

The Cheap Chica said...

^^^^thanks. i'm trying to find a wide one, but i never have any luck at the thrift stores either, lol

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