Weekend Finds

This weekend, I really didn't get out much as far as shopping goes. Aunt Flo came to town, if you know what I mean, and I really didn't feel like doing anything. The only places that me and Mr. Cheap Chica went were to Target and the local fleamarket, and that cheered me up a bit. I went to my favorite booth at the fleamarket, Pamlyn Variety (see post "A Trip to the Fleamarket"). I absolutely adore this place-the people are friendly, they have the coolest jewelry, and the prices are awesome (2 for $10, need I say more?). Here are a couple of necklaces that I found (sorry for the not-so-great pics, camera's not cooperating):

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Then we headed on over to Target to do some grocery shopping. Going to Target is like going to Walmart for me-I never walk out of there with just the things that I need, I somehow throw in "extras", like this top that I found:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Asian bird tank $9.99 @ Target

I love the graphic on this tank. I've always had a thing for cool asian-inspired prints. Hopefully, when Aunt Flo leaves, I'll be back to my normal self.


N.P. said...

does Pamlyn Variety have any turquoise things?

The Cheap Chica said...

^^^^they didn't have any when I went there, but I'm quite sure that they could get some turquoise, they get stuff in, i think three times a week they told me. thanks for reading!

BrownEyedGirl said...

Love the stuff! Great finds!

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