One's trash is another's treasure

Check out this cool lamp my friend, Mary Jane, found on the side of the road. Sweet! I suggested to her that she should spray paint it gold to match the lampshade (the shade is cream/gold color). I remember when I was younger, my mom and I went "curbside shopping" once. The neighbor down the street was moving and threw out a lot of stuff. We brought home a nice lamp (still in working condition), and a small bookcase that we cleaned up really well and spray painted black to match our furniture. Sometimes you could make out like a bandit by curbside shopping, but most of the time, you'd have to let some of that stuff stay where it is-in the trash. Here are some tips for curbside shopping:
  1. If it had been rained on, keep walking. Not only would the stuff be soggy, but they would also have a less than pleasant smell and seem forever damp.
  2. If it costs more to fix than it's actually worth. Sure, you didn't pay anything for it, but by the time you finish repairing it, you'd come out better by just buying a brand new one.
  3. The best months to go curbside shopping- August and September. These are the months when people move out or start new leases, so there will be plenty of stuff thrown out. Other months are between February and April- income tax season. I don't know if this applies to everyone, but when my mom gets her tax money back, the first thing she does is buy new furniture or other things for the house, so she throws out a lot of stuff.
  4. Don't ever bring any of this stuff home with you-pillows, linen, and rugs. You can if you want to, but I wouldn't recommend it. If this stuff has been out for weeks, you best believe that the neighborhood animals have infested them with fleas, so pass it up.


Sales Rack Raider said...

Great advice!

With shopping timetables, I would add late May/early June for college student populations--when people graduate or go home for the summer, they toss out some nice stuff. Me and my roomies got a nice armchair and a comfy couch for our apartment.

The Cheap Chica said...

^^^^thanks! I forgot about the college folks>

The Cheap Chica said...
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Anonymous said...

Well that lamp does look like it could use a paint job,i am still driving around with it in my car..

Later Lady

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