They're baaaaackkkk....or did they ever leave?

I remember when I had just about every color of these shoes when I was little. They seem to pop up from time to time as the "in" thing, but I can't ever convince myself to buy a pair. I really like this pair from Urban Outfitters and I'm strongly debating about whether I should purchase a pair of these or not. This style of shoe will just about go with anything I have in my closet, but I don't know what I should do. As the old saying goes "when in doubt, do without", but I really like these.

Jelly sandals $16.00, Urban Outfitters


AquariusRising said...

Chica, I was just about to rag on those shoes until I went to the site and saw the teal and the black clear ones. Lord knows I need to stop but I might have to get some. These are the type of shoes I'd have to wear when I knew I wasn't gonna see my pookie because he hates shoes like that. All he wants to see is strappy high-heeled shoes, but that's how men are. . ..

The Cheap Chica said...

^^^^i just used this color as an example, lol, but i rather have the teal pair instead.

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