Weekend Finds: JC Penney and Walmart

I didn't do any major shopping this weekend. I guess since I've been shopping all this week (shame on me), I was just turned off from doing any more shopping. Me and Mr. Cheap Chica drove over to Lake Okeechobee Saturday, you know, just to get out of Chicaville, and though it is a laid back town, it's kind of too rural for me. I don't think I would ever live there, but it's a beautiful town. We stopped in the local Walmart. We grabbed things for the house as usual, and you know I couldn't leave there without a piece of clothing. I found this:

Kimono-sleeved sweater $9.00 (clearance). It has gold threading in it, can't see in the pic, but it's cute.

I also grabbed a pair of cool madra bermuda shorts for $12, and some bras (gotta have those for my lovely lady lumps).

I received a $10 gift coupon in the mail the other day for JC Penney, so I put that to use today. I couldn't find myself anything, so I bought Mr. Cheap Chica a shirt with the coupon. But then I saw this- dolman tie shrug for $1.77. I couldn't believe how cheap it was, so I grabbed one in white, too.

Dolman shrug $1.77 (clearance)

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AquariusRising said...

Girl, you remind me sooooooo much of myself. I thought I was the only one who knew about Wal-Mart bras. If you going in August or the end of the Xmas season, you can find really good ones as low as $3

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