Weekend Finds: The usual locales

I know the weekend isn't over yet, but this is what I bought today. I went back to that Goodwill store in Punta Gorda and I took my grandmother-in-law with me. It wasn't as packed as last week, and I actually got a chance to look through the whole store. A lot of the stuff that I wanted were mostly Target castoffs like a brand new Luella cropped jacket for $5.99, which didn't fit me well because of my broad ass shoulders and a brand new Luella skirt for $3.99 which I also didn't get because of my big ass. Anyway, I ended up buying this stuff. By the way, is it me or is the Goodwill starting to get a little too expensive for a thrift store?

Yep, more small purses @ $3.99 each. Not sure of what the brand is for the one on the left, but the gold one on the right is Amarige de Givenchy. Like I mention last week, I don't carry small purses too much, so I figure I will carry these only when I'm going out.

Bronze Mossimo gladiator sandals @ $7.99. Even though they are brand new, I still feel that $7.99 is too much for a thrift store price on a pair of shoes, but whatever, I always liked these shoes and they will join the crowd of the other bronze sandals that I have.

After I dropped granny-in-law off, I went over to my local Ross Dress for Less that I swore I would never go to again. The store was in alright condition this time. I did managed to stay there and shop for 45 minutes this time. Nothing really caught my eye, same ol' same. I tried on about ten shirts only to come out with these two:

Turquoise tank $5.99. It has metal studs around the neckline. Shirt looks better in person. The skull tank actually one of those sweater metallic tanks. It was $8.99. This shirt also looks better in person. Damn camera just doesn't do its job. Time to upgrade.

Me and Mr. Cheap Chica were going to have a few drinks tonight, but if this rain doesn't let up, we won't be going anywhere. Sigh. At least I went shopping before the rain came,lol.


Erin said...

Cute shoes

BrownEyedGirl said...

I have that tan purse with the ring handles..lol. Nice stuff... and yes goodwill's stuff is pretty pricey for a thrift store, but I get really great stuff from them so I think it's worth it.:)

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