Poll results: Which celeb has the best style

Here are the poll results from "which celebrity has the best style":

Sienna Miller (25%)
Kerry Washington (25%)
Mischa Barton (0%)
Beyonce Knowles (38%)
Lindsay Lohan (13%)

You voted, and Ms. Deja Vu, Beyonce, had the highest votes as the celebrity with the best style. As you can see, Sienna Miller and Kerry Washington tied, and Lindsay Lohan received only 13%. Mischa Barton received none (why?). Aside from the celebs listed, which celebrity's style do you adore and have the best style? Holla!

1 comment:

Sales Rack Raider said...

I'm kinda surprised that Mischa Barton got goose-egged, since she looks pretty good most of the time. Unfortunately, the bad times (like wearing Primp thermals and tucked into boots) have forever scarred my retina. Like Lindsay Lohan, the Duffs, and the like, I think they're way overstyled by others to have a likeable personal style.

One of my favorites is Halle Berry. She's gorgeous and always looks put together while keeping it simple. She even shines in her "bad" outfits.

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