Poll results: Which one of these trends are you into?/ Today's Poll: Which celebrity has the best style?

Sorry, I'm late with the poll results, I know it's been weeks since I posted it up there.

Results for Which one of these trends are you into right now? (see map)
striped shirts:
long, gold necklaces:
bermuda shorts (dressy or casual):
ruffled dresses:

Looks like bermuda shorts are a favorite amongst you gals (my personal favorite, too. I live in them). And it looks like noone is feeling the leggings trend. Why? I think they look cute on some people. I wouldn't wear them myself because I don't think they would look right on me, lol. Here's a new poll for you guys:

I picked these celebrities because I adore their style. Which one do you think has the best style? Add your vote.

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