Thrift store shopping: Jeans

For the last couple of thrift store shopping trips, I've picked up nothing but jeans. I've been finding a lot of cute jeans lately from the thrift stores and all under $5. I went into this hospital auxillary thrift store and they had a pair of FCUK skinny jeans for $3! Of course, they didn't fit. I still should have bought them and sold them on Ebay, lol. Here are a couple more that I found:

Top: Refuge jeans $4.99, Goodwill. I'm so happy these jeans fit so well-waist, hips, and length (you know I have issues with length). They are actually darker in real life.

Bottom: Route 66 jeans $3.99. I never bought a pair of jeans from KMart in my life. It was something about the styles of KMart jeans that turned me off. I saw this pair and liked the wash of them. They fit very well-length, hips, waist. Then I turned around and looked at my butt. The pockets are so far apart that they made my ass look bigger than it already is. Boo. Maybe I'll hide the pockets with a tunic length top. Hmmm.

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Sales Rack Raider said...

KMart puzzles me. It seems like most of the time they're out of touch with the fashion world, yet sometimes I find very cheap and the most awesome pieces there.

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