Star style: Ciara's pencil skirt

I like Ciara's look here. Simple yet chic. Snatch up a pencil skirt to add to your fall wardrobe-for super cheap, of course.

Xhiliration pencil skirt $12.99, Target


AquariusRising said...

I had a black pencil skirt from Old Navy that I lost. I only paid 6 bucks for it and it was gorgeous. I am sooooooo missing it right about now.

Keli said...

I pretty much have this outfit.

Skirt $19.99 Limited
Shirt $12.99 Gap
Black Belt $12.99 MaryAnne (sp)
Leopard Print Open Toe Mules $29.99

I only buy it if it's on sale. I never buy full price...unless it a pair of jeans, b/c I wear those until they fall apart.

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