Weekend finds: Belts & Shoes

  1. Red belt $6.99, Papaya. Remember that post the other day about whether or not I should keep that red belt? Well, sorry guys, but I returned it. Even though it looked cute with a few outfits that I had, I could only wear it cinched at the waist. If I decided one day that I wanted to wear it around my hips, it wouldn't fit. Oh well.
  2. Striped scarf $4, Wet Seal.
  3. Green belt $2.50, also from Wet Seal.

These are just like the red ones I bought last week. They were also $6.24.


jEzmiNe tHe shOpPeR said...

gReaT fiNd.. LovE thE 'NeW' rEd beLt..
bUt aLsO LovEd thE oTheR onE... u shLd havE kEPt boTh... LovE thE shOes... daMm cHeaP

The Cheap Chica said...

^^^^yeah, i should of kept the other one, too, but, it just wasn't working for me. sigh.

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