Lunch break shopping: Wet Seal. Style this

I went to the mall today to find an outfit to wear for a night on the town when I go on vacation next week. I saw this top last night at Wet Seal, and I should've gotten it while they still had my size. I went in there today hoping that they still had it, and my size was gone. Phooey. They had this top in the window on display, and I really liked it, but, my size was gone. I looked around the store and found this top:

Burgundy kimono top, $14.50. Has different color polka dots on it. As you can see, the gold polka dots stand out.

I was thinking about wearing super dark denim jeans with it and dress it up with gold accessories and gold heels. Any suggestions? I'm looking for other alternatives. Holla!


Chanel said...

I think you got it. A dark jean with that top and gold accessories will set it off nicely! But you are going on a glorious vacation to visit new and exciting places! And I'm... not.

not liking you a whole lot right now... :-(

have fun.

The Cheap Chica said...

lol, thanks chanel.

Keli said...

I agree with chanel...about the outfit and the vaction.

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