Vacation finds: I'm back, Chicas!!!!

I'm back from vacay, and I had a really great time. Our sole purpose of going to Orlando was to start looking around at different areas for our move next year. We spent about a day doing that and the rest of the time, we partied, went to see a show at the Orlando Improv, and shopped. I found a lot of things-very cheap. Here are some pics:

Top $3, Goodwill. The belt is mine. I thought it would look cool with the top since the top has silver threading in it (can't see in pic).

I got these two belts from a store called City Shoes, where they sell really cute trend shoes for $10.99 and up. The red one was $9.99, and the polka dot cinch belt was $3.99.

Gold wedges $10.99, City Shoes. I must have a million gold shoes in my closet. This pair makes a million and one, lol.

Silver and gold bamboo hoops $0.99 each, City Shoes

Brown capris $7.50, Sears. Sears was having an awesome sale on their clearance- take an additional 50% off. I bought these and a khaki pair of capris for $4.99.

Plaid capris $10, Target

Tunic top $7, Dots. I love that store. I thought this top was really cute, so I bought it. Looks really cute with jeans. I also bought a white pair of dressy capris for $7. What's up with all of the capris? I have no idea.

That's just some of the stuff I bought. I didn't want to post EVERYTHING because there's too many items to post, lol.


MilwaukeeGirl said...

I LOVE that red belt! I am having spasms of jealousy!

BrownEyedGirl4Life said...

Great finds!! :)

sales rack raider said...

I want that red belt!

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