Walmart's walkin' the walk

Never thought in a million years that I'd see Walmart fashions at NY Fashion Week. Click here to view the clip (spotted @ Hip Candy). The clip showcases the fall collection from George ME, by designer Mark Eisen, as well as fashions from Walmart's other lines- Metro 7 and No Boundaries. One question that the reporter asks is "will consumers shop for trendy clothes where they buy their hardware and groceries?" Ha! I've been doing it for years (okay, not that long). Do your thing Wally World! You can also read here about Walmart and Elle magazine opening NY Fall Fashion Week with "Rock the Runway".

1 comment:

TriciaMichelle said...

Oh this is so exc-eye-tin' I can now wear Wal-Mart fashions with pride. But, I've been shopping at Wal-mart for a while... I grew up with my gm ... and I get complimented on the shirts already. Go figure.

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