You can use WHAT for THAT?

My friend, Mary Jane, sent me an email of some things in your cupboards that can cure common ailments. Here are some of the items and remedies. I'm not sure if all of these work for everyone, so don't blame me if they don't (lol). I just find some of this stuff quite interesting.
  1. Stuffy nose: Instead of buying an inhaler to clear up a stuffy nose, trying chewing on Altoids peppermints.
  2. Sore throat: Mix 1/4 cup of vinegar and 1/4 cup of honey and take 1 tablespoon six times per day. The vinegar kills the bacteria.
  3. Splinter remover: Pour a drop of Elmer's glue over the splinter. Let dry and peel the glue off of the skin. The splinter should stick to the dried glue.
  4. Bruises: Soak a cotton ball in white vinegar and apply it to the bruise for an hour. It reduces the blueness and speeds up the healing process.
  5. Skin blemishes: Cover blemish with a dab of honey. Cover it with a band-aid.
  6. Headache: Drink two glasses of Gatorade.


Keli said...

Toothpaste helps dry up pimples.

Not too sure about the honey & vinegar mixture, I just drink hot tea with honey and lemon when I have a sore throat. Vinegar kills the bacteria huh...well I read somewhere that if you soak your feet in vinegar, it gets rid of toe nail fungus.

The Cheap Chica said...

^^^^listerine kills nail fungus, too.

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