Cheap and Cheaper: Payless vs. GoJane.com


"Jessica" pump $19.99, Payless (first seen @The K-Spot)


"Parco" heel $18.99, Go Jane

Similar shoes with $1 difference between the price. Which one would you choose and why?


Anonymous said...

i'd buy them at payless because there is NO way i'm buying shoes online ;) my feet are just too odd-shaped.

Anonymous said...

I like the Parco heel better, the color is richer and darker.

AquariusRising said...

I'm gonna go with Payless because I need this shoe ASAP. I wish there was away to know when BOGO was coming up. I need those shoes in blue, Chica, something serious. I just bought this top:


I am officially a Target groupie.

The Cheap Chica said...

@anonymous 8:56am: i like the parco heel too for the rich color

@aquarius: i got that same shirt in red/white, lol. i think when you sign up to receive payless newsletter, you get updates on upcoming sales

Anonymous said...

I'd go with Payless--I can see them in person, try them on, no need to pay shipping, instant gratification.

Anonymous said...

I like the color of the sole and heel of the Parco shoe, but it's just not high enough for me. I need at least a 3 1/2" heel. With that being said, I would choose the Jessica.

liz a. said...

how else do u get around the "10 minute" shoe problem. I want to buy cute, cheap shoes, but they hurt. Suggestions?