Flavaz 4 Divaz

The Cheap Chica has discovered another place to shop. Flavaz 4 Divaz is a local store here in Ft. Myers that have just opened up nearly a month ago. They have all the latest fashions at really great prices. Their shoes start at $5.99 and up- perfect for a shoe whore and cheap chica like me, lol. There's also a great selection of handbags, jewelry, and belts. Here's what I found when I sneaked a peek in there:

belt $5

So, for all of my local cheap chicas here in the "239" (Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh, Naples,etc.), or if you're an out-of-town chica just passing through, check them out. They are located at:
Flavaz 4 Divaz
3618 Fowler St.(next to Badcock Furnishings)
Fort Myers, FL 33901

1 comment:

liz a. said...

If you're seriously considering buying those $5.99, I know they won't have any cushion. How do you get over that? I don't want shoes that are uncomfortable, but I can't afford the truly comfortable shoes yet.

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