My Ebay listing for this week

Okay Chicas, here's my Ebay listing for this week. I haven't sold anything on Ebay in a while, I almost forgot how to post stuff on there, lol. Help a sista out.

  1. Brand new Miss Bisou wide leg trouser jeans sz 30 ****update**** for some strange reason, this link isn't working. I'll find out what the prob is. Sorry. I guess for now, type "miss bisou wide leg trouser jeans" in the search box on Ebay.

    Forum topic of the day: A baking soda and water paste clears up skin? Who's tried this? Discuss in the forum.


Anonymous said...

Ok, this link to your e-bay listing is (still) not working. What's going on?

The Cheap Chica said...

^^^^i wasn't aware that it wasn't working. sorry. i'll see what's going on.

Anonymous said...

hello, this site is so cute,

i'm a cheap chick but no one would guess it! i have a radar of great finds on clearances. if i walk buy a rack, i can feel if something is there for me without even going thru it. this skill is easily developed and saves time. lol

the boots...hmmm...never liked platform boots becuz they remind me of herman monster. and i'm always thinking what a waste of material.

keep up the good work.

The Cheap Chica said...

^^^thanks so much for reading!

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