Organization: Belts and shoes

I decided to finally organize my belts and flip flops that I had piling up in the closet.

24 pocket over the door shoe organizer. This organizer holds 12 pairs of shoes. Since I'm using it for my flip flops, it holds 24 pairs. I think I paid $6.99 for this when it was on sale at K-Mart. You can find them anywhere that sells closet organization products. Here's one that I found from K-Mart:

Martha Stewart 24 pocket over-the-door shoe organizer $10.99, K-Mart

For the other shoes in my bedroom closet, I bought a shelf organizer. You could use these organizers for anything- toys, small accessories, hosiery, etc. I bought this 10 shelf organizer from Ross for $4.99:

Martha Stewart 10 shelf shoe bag $10.99, K-Mart

Last, but not least, all of those belts that I had in a dresser drawer now have their own place in the closet. I bought a friction belt loop, also from Ross, for $1.99.

This is just some of the belts, I'm not done yet, lol.

Friction belt loop $3.99, Bed Bath & Beyond


Chanel said...

You own a pair of flip flops in every color!

Dawn said...

I like the belt loop and love the price. I love shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond...I can always find something good there cheap!

Juicy said...

I need a shoe organizer... Thank you for the info.

Lavish Magazine said...

Thanx for the organizing tips. My room looks like an overblown fashion closet at a magazine. (YIKES) I've gotta take the steps to organize a little better!

Anonymous said...

gOd..u haVe soo many flip flops.. in all hues.. wow!

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