Today's Cheap Chica, Nicole!

Today's Cheap Chica is Nicole from St. Louis, Missouri. Nicole is actually the first person to participate in the "Are you a Cheap Chica" postings that I'm starting. Thanks Nicole. I swear, me and her could be long lost sisters. Mostly all of this stuff she has, I have, too, lol. And none of this stuff is over $20. Girl, I am scared of you, lol. That's how we Cheap Chicas do it. Again, if any of you have a bargain find you would like for me to post, email me.

brown and black pumps $11 each (clearance), Charlotte Russe

green pumps $10, Chernin's Shoe Outlet. Rust pump $10 (clearance), Deb

round toe pumps $10 (clearance), Deb

  1. black/blue bracelets $1 each on clearance, Rampage
  2. bronze bangles $1 for 4, Charlotte Russe
  3. red beaded necklace $3.99, Papaya
  4. mustard beaded necklace $5.80, Forever 21
  5. silver circle necklace $6.99, Charlotte Russe
  6. leaf necklace $4.80, Forever 21. I have this necklace, lol.
  7. silver heart necklace $4.80, Forever 21
  8. zodiac earrings $0.99 each, beauty supply store. Man, I paid $6.99 each for mine off Girl Props. What a steal!
  9. red, black, and white rings $2.80 each, Forever 21
  10. silver ring $3.80, Forever 21
  11. multi-colored earrings $4.99, Charlotte Russe

  12. polka dot headband $0.99, beauty supply store
  13. navy ring $3.80, Forever 21
  14. navy heart necklace $5.80, Forever 21
  15. navy belt $5.99, Rainbow

  16. gold purse $10, Rainbow
  17. snakeskin belt $5.99, Rainbow
  18. navy belt $3.80, Forever 21. Great deal!
  19. red belt $10, Deb
  20. brown/white belt $5.99, Rainbow
  21. Gold belt and navy belt $5.99 each, Rainbow

  22. pink purse $10, Charlotte Russe
  23. purple feather earrings $0.99, beauty supply store. By the way, depending on where you live, beauty supply stores have cool accessories. I've found a couple of cute earrings out of one.
  24. pink beaded necklace $6.80, Forever 21
  25. pink earrings $4.80, Forever 21
  26. silver/purple necklace $4.80, Forever 21

    Snakeskin handle purse $18.99, Charlotte Russe. I heart this purse!

    Floral purse $11.99, Rainbow

    Wood handle purse $11.99, Simply Fashions

    Purses $9 each (clearance), Payless


AquariusRising said...

Uh-oh, chica. . .u might have some competition. LOL!

Ok, how come her Rainbow has all this cute stuff? No fair. . .I don't do Charlotte Russe too much, because I don't like their clothes, but I see I need to check out the shoes and accessories because Nicole has clearly come up in that store. I need to get all the jewelry I've snagged from beauty supply stores together. And those DEB rust pumps are SCREAMING my name, since I've been looking for copper/bronze/rust shoes all year.

Just kidding, but you're going to be hard to top.

Chanel said...

Yay! I LOVE Charlotte Russe! And those white pumps with the polka dot lining are the cutest!

samida said...

yep, she DEFNINTELY deserves being today's Cheap Chica! I'm jealous about getting those zodiac earrings for .99 cents.

The Cheap Chica said...

^^^i know, right. my punkass beauty supply store don't sell them. that's okay, i got mine from girlprops

Anonymous said...

hi, what size are those white pumps...?? :)

Anonymous said...

i Love eVerythinG...

nicole said...

~ to anonymous ~
the bone pumps are a size 10. i really wear a 9.5, but who wants to spend money on a pair of " 10 minute" shoes...lol

liz said...

how else do u get around the "10 minute" shoe problem. I want to buy cute, cheap shoes, but they hurt. Suggestions?

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