Weekend finds: Tops and necklaces

This weekend, I went to a new Ross Dress for Less that just opened up a week ago. I bought these two tops. Although they are simple, solid colored tops, a cute necklace can jazz them up a bit.

top $7, Ross Dress for Less; necklace $7, Wet Seal

closeup of necklace

top $7; necklace $5, Walmart. I don't think I will wear this necklace with this top, although I could. I think I will find a funkier necklace to go with it.

closeup of detailing on the shirt

I also stopped in Target. You know the deal. I went in there looking for those leopard flats that I posted last week, but they didn't have them. I found this top and necklace, both on clearance, instead.

top $8.48, Target; necklace $3.98, also from Target
closeup of necklace


AquariusRising said...

Oooh, that necklace you got from Wal-mart. . .I got it from the BSS (Beauty supply store) for $1, I got like 10 in brown, tan and black. I've been eyeing that gold tunic from Target, I got it in gray for $4.

shoppin'addict said...

i've been eyeing that necklace from wet seal for a minute but haven't let myself by it b/c i'm suffering from a huge jewelry buying problem.

Anonymous said...

cute tops! :)

nicole said...

im reallyg digging the top/necklace from target...i recall seeing that necklace when it was like....$10 i do believe.

Golightly said...

Girl--they didn't have the leopard print flats at any of my Targets either, so I ordered them online...I hope they get here SOON

Anonymous said...

I like those tops from Ross, I normally don't even look at the clothes just home accents. I am going to go on my lunch break!

Anonymous said...

i LovE..LovE... the two tops..
eVenthough iTs PlaiN, u can wEar it a lot of ways..

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