Homemade beauty: Detoxifying, bloat banishing bath

What you need:
  1. 1 cup of epsom salts. Epsom salt contains magnesium chloride, which helps draw out excess fluid.
  2. warm bath water

What to do:

Add one cup of epsom salts to the warm bath water. Soak in it for fifteen minutes. If the water begins to cool, add more hot water. Drink plenty of water after this treatment, because water will help continue flushing your system and will keep the bloat away.

Source: "The Thrifty Girl's Guide to Glamour" by Susie Galvez

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Anonymous said...

cute book! i will look for it at half.

Anonymous said...

You meant to say Epsom Salt is magnesium sulfate, it's not magnesium chloride, that's another thing. It is relaxing!

The Cheap Chica said...

^^^my bad, lol.

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