This is a damn shame

HARTFORD, Conn. - Two armed thugs tried to rob a line of people waiting for the new Playstation 3 game system to go on sale early Friday and shot a man who refused to give up his money, authorities said.In other states, customers pushed and shoved their way to the shelves to get at the limited supply, and in Kentucky, four people were grazed by BBs fired from a passing vehicle as they waited for a Best Buy store to open.The two gunman in the northeast Connecticut town of Putnam confronted 15 to 20 people standing outside a Wal-Mart store shortly after 3 a.m. and demanded money, said State Police Lt. J. Paul Vance.'One of the patrons resisted. That patron was shot,' Vance said.He said the two gunmen fled after shooting Michael Penkala, 21, of Webster, Mass., in the chest and shoulder. Penkala was in stable condition at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester, Mass., with injuries not believed to be life threatening, Vance said.Vance said police were searching for the suspects, both believed to be in their teens. He said one was wearing a ski mask and brandishing a handgun, and the other had what appeared to be a shotgun.Aside from the police tape, things had returned to normal by midmorning at the Wal-Mart store in rural Putnam, a town of about 9,000 residents near the Massachusetts and Rhode Island borders.Short supplies of the PS3 and strong demand led to lines of buyers, some waiting for days, outside stores across the country.In Palmdale, Calif., authorities shut down a Super Wal-Mart after some shoppers got rowdy late Wednesday. In West Bend, Wis., a 19-year-old man was injured when he ran into a pole racing with 50 others for one of 10 spots outside a Wal-Mart.In Lexington, Ky., someone fired BB pellets from a passing vehicle at people waiting outside a Best Buy store, according to WKYT, whose own reporter said she was among four people grazed while she interviewed buyers in line.A Best Buy in Boston, aware it had only 140 of the consoles, got smart about the big sale - its employees gave out tickets to the first 140 people in line so everyone could go home until the store opened.


Is this Playstation 3 really that serious? People are going nucking futs over a stupid video game console. What is the world coming to?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I agree, at least one Best Buy was smart enough to give everybody tickets so they would NOT camp out in front of the store and risk getting shot, robbed, harrassed, assaulted, etc. Everybody should have done that. That way they would not have had people hanging around the store causing security problems for everybody. I think Sony does that crap on purpose. Every new video game release they do the same doggone thing. And they got the nerve to charge $600 dollars. The smart kids are the ones who wait 12 to 14 months later and get it for $300

Anonymous said...

Well, people have no lives...Sony has no care in the world for their consumers...and people have no morals. I dont know people just cant wait to have the $300/$600 PS3...no lives need games to survive. ;D And I guess I can understand 1% why people would camp out is only because this shipment of PS3s in United States is the only shipment for Christmas...and until waay later...then they'll have it restocked...and also the PS3 is actually undersold by 1,000 dollars because of the new interface technology and bluray tech...but I'm sure people are willing to pay 1,600 for a PS3. Trust me. People have no lives.

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