Lunch break shopping: Payless

Right now, if you head to your local Payless, they are having an in-store clearance with select styles up to 60% off. I ended up buying the patent wedges that look like the Louboutins that I posted about a month ago for $9*. Some people are skeptical about Payless shoes. Yeah, some of them could be a little uncomfortable, but these are really comfortable. I love them. The glittery "Ilecktra" pump was on sale for $7*. There were a couple of other shoes that were on sale, but the ones that I listed were the cheapest and cutest in my opinion.

*prices may differ from store to store.

Right now, there is free overnight shipping for orders $50 or more until 12-19.06.


Tiff said...

Well, I have mixed feeling about Payless right now, I ordered two pairs of shoes during BOGO like 3 weeks ago online and had them "delievered to store" yeah I am so lazy...er..busy.. I cant go try on shoes.. anyways... So They charged me and sent me an email saying they will send them to my store. Well last week I realized I never heard anything else so I went to the store. I asked but they had not gotten my order yet. And they said when you do what I did you get 3 emails, one: that they got the order, two: that they are mailed to the store and three: that they are at the store. And I only got the first one (and charged) so he didnt have the shoes there (even if you are charged you have to pick up "your package"). I stuck around, trying on the shoes I had bought already and well I wasnt happy with one pair but shit happens and I am ok with returning them when I do grab them. However. They do have some awsesome shoes and I just need to actually go to the store next time to buy shoes from a cheap store like that so really it was my bad. I was even ready to put money and buy 2 other pairs that day but decided against it. One pair is that patent pair you got and now that I know they are 60% off I am glad I didnt get them then. I will run over there tomorrow. Thanks CC!

The Cheap Chica said...

^^^yea, i'm not too fond of their in-store shipping policy. to me, the shoes take too long to get there. there was this one time that i saw a pair of shoes on the site, but they didn't have it in the store,so i ordered them. then a couple weeks later (still haven't received my shoes at this point) they had the shoes in the store. i was pissed. i love payless, but i think their in-store shipping needs to be a little faster.

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