My under $5 find

I told myself that I wasn't going back to the stores until the Christmas crowds were gone, but, we ended up going to Tar-zhay because Mr. Cheap Chica needed batteries out of the $1 Spot (yes, it still exists, somewhat). While I was there, I decided to pick up some items that I needed. Of course I can't do that without scoping out the clearance racks. I found this top for $4.48. I usually don't wear tops like this, but it's really cute in real life and it fit perfectly. Score!

French maid shirtdress $8.99. Obviously online price is different from in-store price. Still a great price.

FORUM TOPIC(S) OF THE DAY: What will be the trends for spring/summer of '07? Hmm. Also, would you spend a fortune on trends that will be no more by the end of the season? Holla!


Dinah said...

I do like that top it is pretty cute.

The Cheap Chica said...

thanks, dinah

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