Toss or keep verdict: Black boots

The verdict is in, and I've decided to toss the black boots. I'm going to donate them to charity along with other things I have that are not of use to me anymore. I was thinking of selling them here on the blog, but you gals already let me know what you thought about them, lol. While I'm out and about today, I may go ahead and buy a new pair. It still feels like summer here, so I don't really need them now. Here are a couple of boots that I like so far:

Sergio boot $34.99, Payless

Dress boot $29.50, Wet Seal


Anonymous said...

I have the payless ones and they are really cute! Good luck finding boots! :)

BeautyGirl23 said...

For the classic black boot I would pick the Wet Seal boots.

Even though the Sergio boots are truly cute they have a little trend to them.

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