Weekends finds:

This weekend, I went over to Venice to do some shopping at the Ross Dress for Less there. I'm often questioned as to why I drive so far to shop. One, I was bored. Number two, the Ross there is much nicer, cleaner, organized, and not so crowded. It was very pleasant shopping there with the exception of this whiny teenage kid cussing his mom out over not buying him a shirt. He had to have called her every name in the book, and instead of her turning around and pimp slapping his ass, she just took the abuse. Oh hell no. It was kinda pissing me off that this woman was letting this punk ass kid talk to her any kind of way, but, if she's not doing anything about it, then let it be. On to my finds:

top $9.99. I also bought a pair of black pants ($12.99), a pair of pinstriped dress pants ($12.99), a pair of sandals ($4.49 clearance), a burgundy kimono top ($5.99), and a pillow for my dog ($14.99). Sorry for not posting pics, I'm kinda lazy today.

I then went to the mall. I stopped in Lola to check out their sale. Again, they were having 75% off all clearance and 50% off everything else in the entire store. Here's what I found:

  • blue/black striped tunic sweater $2.50
  • satin floral top $10
  • red/white top $2.50

I didn't really feel like walking through the whole mall, so my final stop was Wet Seal. I finally signed up for a discount card there, so not only did I get 20% off for signing up, I also got $5 off my purchase as well.

  • belted top $19.50
  • striped sweater $9.99. I also bought a couple of pieces of jewelry ($10), a belt ($7.50), and two camis ($13.50)

Don't forget to participate in the contest for that $10 Ross Dress for Less gift card.

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