My Under $5 Find

Now y'all know that Ross Dress for Less is pretty much one of my favorite bargain stores, so when I wandered in there tonight with only five dollars and some change on me (hey, peep the name, duh!) I left out of there with this shirt. Y'all tell me what you think about it. I like the print on it because I'm into florals and the length is tunic length. But, other than jeans, I really don't know what to wear with it. Any suggestions? If you like it, let me know. If you hate it,let me know. If you have any ideas on what to wear with it other than jeans, let me know that, too. It's from Aaron Chang. I don't know who he is, but if any of you out there do know who he is, let me know that as well. Holla!

Today's Quiz: What's your fashion style?

Take this quiz to find out your fashion style. Enjoy!


Today's Printable Coupon(s)

Yankee Candle now through April 1, 2006. Hurry!

Avenue-now through April 30, 2006

Macy's: $10 off a $50 or more purchase in Juniors' or Young Mens' department, online or in stores nationwide, now thru July 6, 2006.

NY & Co.: Take $30 off a $75 or more purchase now through April 3, 2006.

DKNY: 20% off any regular priced item when you spend $50 or more. Now through April 9, 2006.

Keep it cheap!!!

Swapstyle Update #2

Well, my swapping partner contacted me last night and told me she received her item (she's in Australia if you're wondering why it took so long). She loves the top and she going to give me a token (a token is feedback received when swaps are received, either positive, negative, etc). She also sent out my item that I wanted from her, so I can't wait 'til I get it. Stay tuned...


Complete Outfit-Old Navy

I like this outfit-very summery. Get this complete outfit from Old Navy. Very cute...yes indeed.


Give Dollar Stores a Chance

Hell yeah I shop at the dollar stores, and I'm not talking about Family Dollar or Dollar General. I'm talking about the stores where everything is $1. I've bought everything from toothpaste to incense to those dreaded chinese mesh slippers out of there. I've even bought items for my house like figurines and wall hangings. I guess you could say I'm a veteran shopper of these dollar stores, but recently, I had talked one of my saditty friends into shopping there. My friend is one of those people that get on her soapbox from time to time and brag about how much this costs and how much that costs ****rolls eyes at her bullshit****. You couldn't get her to go into one of these dollar stores to save her soul. The day that I've talked her into coming with me, you would've thought this girl was a kid in a candy store. "Wooowww, so everthything is a dollar, cooolllll". This girl was grabbing everything-candy, figurines, candles, etc. After our little shopping trip, the girl was smiling so hard you would've thought she walked out of there with a new Gucci bag for $1. "I bought a lot of stuff, and everthing was a dollar"! Now she goes there all the time. I'm not trying to push my cheap and frugal ways onto people, but you could find some really neat stuff in the dollar stores, so give them a chance. You'll never know what you'll find until you go.

Do You Like?

I kind of like these satin ballerina espadrilles, would look cute with a pair of bermudas and a nice top. Do y'all like these? What would you wear them with? $14.00, cute,and comfy, what's not to like? Holla.

Free Samples for All!!!

Click on these links to get your free samples.

Free samples for women:
1. Calgon Perfect Bliss
2. Astroglide (for all y'all freaky deakies out there)
3. Biz Laundry Booster
4. Jovan Pink Musk
5. Poise panty sample
6. Maybelline Pure makeup
7. Dove Calming Night lotion

Free samples for men:
1. BRUT shave product
2. Arcade Outpost-free online games
3. Trojan Mint Tingle condom (no glove, no love)
4. Jovan Musk for Him

And let's not forget our non-human friends:
1. Greenies pet treats
2. VetBalance
3. Mighty Dog
4. Dog Gone Pain-Revitalizing supplement for dogs



I've Made it onto Project Blog!

The Cheap Chica has finally made it onto "Project Blog". For those of you who don't know what Project Blog is, it's a fashion, shopping, and beauty blog community that has a list of all of the blogs that pertain to those areas. Project Blog is presented by the Budget Fashionista, who's website is one of my favorites. Now this blog can hopefully get the exposure that I want because so far, just my co-workers and family members have been viewing it (thanks for the support you guys!) . I've been blogging for almost a month now and I'm learning new things everyday. I'm always open to suggestions and ideas on how to make this blog better, so if you guys have any, holla!

Who in the HELL are still wearing THESE????

I must admit, I was into the whole chinese mesh slipper fad three years ago. I think I bought just about every color ever made because they were so damn cheap-like $2-$4 a pair. I haven't worn mine in forever, but while I was out and about this week, I saw some people, a couple of people, still rockin' 'em. Oh, hell to the naw! I could've sworn these shoes were over and out about a year ago, but apparently they're not over in my neck of the woods. I've even seen people wear these shoes in nightclubs. And the super-tacky award goes to... Why, why, why? I mean, if that's your style, more power to 'ya. Even I still have a couple of pairs in my closet that for some strange reason I haven't been able to get rid of, but you wouldn't catch me in the club wearing them-or anywhere for that matter. I'm no fashion expert, but when I first saw this trend start, it just screamed "i'm not going to be around for a while". The shoes just had that look to them. Now, if any of you are reading this, and you are still wearing the chinese mesh slippers, I don't mean to offend you, I just wanna know how anyone can still incorporate them into their wardrobe.

Bargain Shoe of the Week 3-26-06

Yep, Walmart has the "bargain shoe of the week" title, again. I had to get me a pair of these cute peep toe wedges for only $15.00! Head to your local Walmart to get a pair of these cuties. They only come in white and I don't think they are available online yet, but as soon as they are, I will update you. Keep it cheap!

No Boundaries "Nita" wedges $15.00


Today's Quiz: The Muppet Personality Test

Take this quiz to see which Muppet personality you possess. Enjoy!

My Ebay Listings...If any of you care

Here are my current listings on Ebay. Please bid on them. I could use the extra spending money. Enjoy!

1. Sleeveless striped top sz M
2. Paisley Print Peasant top sz L
3. Dressy paisley print top sz L
4. Old Navy "Aruba" purse
5. Pink drawstring mini-skirt sz L

My Under $5 Find

Now y'all know that I shop the "cheap cheap" section on Lulu's Fashion Lounge. Here is one of my latest finds. Bling it on.


Clearance Alert-Target

My favorite store, Target, or should I say Tar-jey, has this cute little denim bolero for only $8.49! Go to your local Target or snag one online, while supplies last.


Today's Printable Coupon(s)

Eyes, Lips, Face: This coupon is not printable, so use the code that is provided above.

And while we're on the subject of Old Navy......Check these cute sandals out. I know, I'm a shoe whore, but I can't help it.

Ring sandals $16.50

And get $5 off your purchase of $25 or more from Dots. Now thru March 26, 2006.

Keep it cheap!!!


Now you don't have to leave the house to go to the Goodwill

While on one of my weekly Goodwill store excursions, I noticed on they're window poster that they had an online store. I went online and ta da! It's more like an auction site where you bid on the items. As I was browsing, I noticed that they had a lot of vintage designer stuff like this and some current designer stuff like these. Check out Shopgoodwill.com for yourself. You might find something on there that you've been looking for.

Update on Swapstyle.com

I told y'all about the website Swapstyle.com, and how I posted something on there to evetually swap with someone. Well.......someone was interested in my swap! I didn't think I was going to be swapping something out this quickly. The person who I'm swapping with has these cute capri/bermuda type pants that she's going to send to me, but since I'm a newbie, I have to send my item out first. Although I'm a bit skeptical, I checked her profile and feedback and she seems honest, so I'll see. Stay tuned...

Bargain Shoe of the Week 3-19-06

Flat, lace-up sandals are all the rage this spring, and I know they're going to be big this summer as well. Check these babies out for $13.99, that's right, $13.99 at GoJane. Also available in several other colors. Can't wait until I get paid this week.


Guilt-free Shopping, Yay!!!

Here's a website that I discovered a couple of months ago, but I just became a member today. It's called Swapstyle.com , and it's like an online swap party. All you do is post items on there that you want to swap or sell and browse different categories( clothes, shoes, accessories,etc) for stuff that you want to add to your watch list and eventually swap. Membership is free for one year. Like I said, I just became a member today, so I'm just going to sit back and wait until someone wants to swap with me. I'll keep y'all updated, but check it out and see for yourself.


The "Bible" for us Cheap Chicas

"City Chic" by Nina Willdorf, is one of my favorite books of all time. You may as well say it's the "bible" for us Cheap Chicas. This book covers everything from how to creatively cheat at looking chic for cheap (try saying that fast three times) to throwing extravagant dinner parties for less than $100. Even though I finished this book ages ago, I still flip through it from time to time to get ideas on how to make the most of my punk-ass paycheck. Head to your local library to check it out or buy it at Amazon.com. It's definitely worth a read!

Old Navy's "Spring for Style" Sweepstakes-Register to Win $5000!

Now y'all know I love me some Old Navy, so when I saw they were having this sweepstakes on their website, you know I had to enter. Register now for a chance to win $5000. Contest ends on 4-30-06. Good Luck!


What kind of Shoes are You?

Click on this link to take this quick and simple quiz. I took it and my results were right on the money. Here are some more quizzes I ran across:

How Irish Are You? (You know tomorrow is St. Patty's Day)

Are You a Gold Digger?

What's Your Fashion Style?

What Style of Jeans are You?


Today's Printable Coupon(s)


Look what I Found

While I was skimming through my new issue of ElleGirl magazine, I came across these earrings. I just had to have them, and for $6.00, I couldn't let them get away.

Bamboo hoops $6.00 http://www.alltherageonline.com/store/product/sch/bamboo/1/

Do You Like?

Do you like these? I like them, maybe because they have that boho feel to them. Or maybe it's because of the cheap price. Hmmm.....

Hurach sandals $17.99


Thrifting...the Final Frontier

Saturday was the first time in a long time that I've stepped foot in a thrift store, and it re-ignited a fire that I thought I'd put out. Just knowing that you could take a $20 bill and possibly walk out of there with bags full of stuff makes you feel so good. Nowadays, you can't even buy a shirt with $20.00. Believe it or not, I just recently started thrifting about 3 years ago. Once I started, I was hooked. And me, being the crafty person that I am, found items and turned them into something all my own. I've even found things for my home that I've re-vamped. For those of you who have never been thrifting (you don't know what you're missing), here are a few tips that can get you started:

1. When shopping for clothing, make sure you check for holes, stains, etc. If it's something that it minor and you think you can repair it, go ahead and buy. If it's too much work to put into it, then forget about it. It really isn't a deal if you have to pretty much rebuild it.

2. If you're shopping for household items such as appliances, most thrift stores have power outlets where you can plug in the appliances to test them.

3. Tip #1 applies to shoes as well. Take a look at the heel. If it has minor wear to it, go ahead and buy, but if the heel is worn out, don't even bother.

4. When you get your items home, mainly clothing, make sure you throw them in the wash. You don't know where those clothes have been and you may get a rash or something if you don't wash them. As for shoes, I always soak a cloth in water and a little bit of bleach to wipe the shoes down to disinfect them. You can also use water and Pine-Sol if you like.

Well those are some of my tips for a thrift shopping tip. Above is one of my recent finds from the Goodwill. Have fun shopping and keep it cheap!


Bargain Shoe of the Week 3-12-06

I love Walmart's line Metro 7, but I especially love their line of shoes. Check out these cute wedges for only $19.00! Go Walmart, it's ya birthday....


Thrift Score!!!!

Okay, I know these shoes are a bit fall/winterish, but I just had to snatch these up from the Goodwill today. Brand new, and only $8.00, I couldn't pass them up.


A Trip to Old Navy...

I really need to stop shopping. But how can I when there are so many great deals floating around at my local stores. What was supposed to be just a quick trip to the store to buy my unborn nephew a gift turned into damn-near a shopping spree for me. But I had the strength to not buy so much and walked away with the gift, a shirt for my husband, and two shirts for me. Above is what I found for myself. The white babydoll tank is only $10.50 and come in several colors. I think this basic shirt can easily be jazzed up with some cute accessories. And the red sequined tank was only $6.49! It comes in several colors as well. Damn, I need to stop shopping.


Get a free sample of Covergirl foundation!

Free, free, free-that's my favorite word. Click on the link to for your sample of Covergirl foundation. http://www.covergirl.com/promos/samples/2005_11_advrad/1_country.jhtml?r=000897


Free eye makeup remover pads from E.L.F.

I love this website. All the cosmetics are $1. Perfect for a cheapskate like me. Right now until March 13, receive free eye makeup remover pads with any purchase. Enter coupon code eyepads.


What to do with those DVDs you don't want

I was reading an article in one of my favorite magazines about this dvd trading website called Peerflix. All those dvds you don't want, you simply list them to trade with other Peerflix members and earn points, and with those points, you can get dvds that you want that are available from Peerflix members. I've been a member for a month and I've traded a dvd and gotten a dvd that I wanted. I think it's pretty cool. See for yourself.

Bargain Shoe of the Week 3-5-06

While surfing the 'net, I stumbled upon this website, and wow! not only do they have really cute, trendy shoes, the prices are nice as well. But this is the shoe I'm lovin'(I'm weak for bronze-colored shoes).

Delicious Mermaid Wedges $19.99


A Crafty Way of Organizing Your Belts

Do you have so many belts/scarves cluttering your closet you just don't know what to do? Follow these quick and simple steps to create an inexpensive belt/scarf organizer.

What you'll need:
1. plastic clothes hangers
2. plastic shower curtain rings

What to do:
Link shower curtains together and hang them on the neck of the hanger. Slide your scarfs through the loops or unhook the curtain rings and hook belt buckles through the rings. Told ya' it was quick and simple!


Do You Like?

What do y'all think about this dress? I think it's really cute for this spring, and for $15.00, what's not to like? Visit www.the15dollarstore.com for more awesome finds.


More Bargain Shoes...

Okay, I know I've already posted the "Bargain Shoe of the Week" yesterday, but I discovered these and I feel I have to share these with you. They're so cute and they're only $16.50! Also available in pink stripe and turquoise stripe. Old Navy Striped Wedge Espadrille http://www.oldnavy.com/browse/product.do?cid=13913&pid=361530&scid=361530012

Look what I've Scored!!!

Head to your nearest Ross store to score a pair of these awesome cuffed bermuda-length shorts for $9.99. What a deal! Also comes in black and khaki.


This Month's Coupons

20% off any purchase: http://www.lanebryant.com Coupon Code: 00208536, expires 4-12-06

10% off any purchase: http://www.kohls.com Coupon Code: NEW5583, no expiration

$20 off $75 purchase: http://www.FashionBug.com Coupon Code: 776147407, 4-26-06

$10 off $100 purchase: http://www.figleaves.com , expires 3-15-06

Keep it Cheap!!!

Bargain Shoe of the Week

I love these shoes, and for $24.99 at Target, I think I'll have to snag me a pair. http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html/ref=br_1_3/602-4534028-8190251?%5Fencoding=UTF8&frombrowse=1&asin=B000BDD53U

Introducing Me...The Cheap Chica

I love, love, love a good deal, so when I spot one, I move in for the kill. I was never into labels- just too much money for a piece of clothing when I could go into Wet Seal or wherever and get a much cheaper version. I get my inspiration out of magazines and then I try to recreate the look on my shoestring budget, sort of like an episode of "The Look for Less", but without the time constraints. I shop anywhere from thrift stores to Ross Dress for Less to Target. And if anyone ask where I got my lovely ensemble...there's no shame in my game. I tell them, and you should see the look on their faces. Sometimes their expressions are "wow, what a great deal", and sometimes the expressions are "eewww, you got that from Walmart". Whatever they're thinking doesn't matter to me. I'm going to be cheap 'til the day I die and look good while being cheap. I refuse to spend all my hard earned paycheck on a piece of clothing that's more than half of my paycheck and then eat ramen noodles everyday until next payday. Hell to the naaw! This is my first blog, so bear with me, but I will be providing tips on how to get a killer outfit on a budget as well as provide you with coupons and in-store deals to some great stores. Cheap Chica to the rescue.
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