Today's Quiz: How American are you?

You Are 71% American

Most times you are proud to be an American.

Though sometimes the good ole US of A makes you cringe

Still, you know there's no place better suited to be your home.

You love your freedom and no one's going to take it away from you!

Oh well, I guess I'm not 100% American, lol. Click on the link above to see how much of an American you are. Happy Fourth of July!


One's trash is another's treasure

Check out this cool lamp my friend, Mary Jane, found on the side of the road. Sweet! I suggested to her that she should spray paint it gold to match the lampshade (the shade is cream/gold color). I remember when I was younger, my mom and I went "curbside shopping" once. The neighbor down the street was moving and threw out a lot of stuff. We brought home a nice lamp (still in working condition), and a small bookcase that we cleaned up really well and spray painted black to match our furniture. Sometimes you could make out like a bandit by curbside shopping, but most of the time, you'd have to let some of that stuff stay where it is-in the trash. Here are some tips for curbside shopping:
  1. If it had been rained on, keep walking. Not only would the stuff be soggy, but they would also have a less than pleasant smell and seem forever damp.
  2. If it costs more to fix than it's actually worth. Sure, you didn't pay anything for it, but by the time you finish repairing it, you'd come out better by just buying a brand new one.
  3. The best months to go curbside shopping- August and September. These are the months when people move out or start new leases, so there will be plenty of stuff thrown out. Other months are between February and April- income tax season. I don't know if this applies to everyone, but when my mom gets her tax money back, the first thing she does is buy new furniture or other things for the house, so she throws out a lot of stuff.
  4. Don't ever bring any of this stuff home with you-pillows, linen, and rugs. You can if you want to, but I wouldn't recommend it. If this stuff has been out for weeks, you best believe that the neighborhood animals have infested them with fleas, so pass it up.


Today's Printable Coupon(s) & Codes

IParty: Take 20% off $25 or more purchase. Expires 7-4-06.

Old Navy: Take $5 off $25 or more purchase. Expires 7-8-06. Also,

Jessica London: Take 20% off your purchase. Coupon code: 2351-02512-369


Bargain Shoe of the Week 6-25-06

"Miami" woven wedge $19.99, Bakers. Also available in white, gold, and bronze.

Right now, take an additional 25% off already reduced merchandise.


Star Style: Skull scarves

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm a little late jumping on the bandwagon about these skull scarves. I don't care what anyone says, I love skulls and this is another thing I'm going to add to my skull collection. The one that Ashlee is wearing I think is from Alexander McQueen, but there are cheaper versions out there like this one:

Tiffany Alana skull scarf $50.00

or even cheaper:

This scarf is up for bid on Ebay. You can find similar styles up for bid for as low as $0.01!

I also saw one at Claires for $9.00, but it was a little smaller. I'll see if I could win one off Ebay, lol.

Summer blowout sale @ Faire Frou Frou July 1-29

Summer blowout sale at Faire Frou Frou begins on July 1,2006 through July 29. Stock up on all your intimate apparel with prices reduced to 50-75% off! There will also be a clearance sale on their website with most items at 75% off. For those of you in the Studio City, CA area, here is the address:

Faire Frou Frou
13017A Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604
(just east of Coldwater Cyn)

For the rest of us not in Cali, we'll just check out the online sale. Sweet!


Today's Quiz: What decade matches your style?

Your Style is 1960s

Bold dresses, funky boots, bright patterns.

You have an eye for fashion - and make trends timeless!

I was thinking more of the 70's, but these results are right on point. Click on the link above to see what decade matches your style. Enjoy!


Get ready for Paul & Joe's arrival August 1 @ Target

I've been hearing for quite some time now that next up to bat for Target's Go International campaign is Paul and Joe, arriving August 1. From the look of their collection, I think I'll like them better than Luella or Tara Jarmon. Neither of those clothes fit me right. Plus, I like Paul and Joe's styles much better.

Thrift Score- Peacock cinch belt

I am obsessed with cinch belts. Okay, not really obsessed, but I know I could get these belts for super cheap at the thrift store. Peep the one I found for $1. The color is actually a dark turquoise color and the buckle is gold peacocks with turquoise. Very cute. This trend is really hot right now, and the best place to find these belts are at the thrift store. You'll be amazed at some of the interesting belts you could find.


Cheap Chica Boutique is here!

The Cheap Chica Boutique is up and running. I told you guys that I was going to start my own online store blog a few weeks back. Well, when I was cleaning out my closet today, I decided to put some of the stuff up for sale. Shop My Closet has inspired me, and right now, I only have a few items up for sale as a test to see how it goes. I will try to put items up for sale as often as possible , including vintage items and more items out of my closet. I'm also thinking about putting new jewelry up as well. Check it out. Like I said, there are only a few items, but there will be more to come.

Clearance Alert: Old Navy

I just can't get enough of this store. I love this skirt, very pretty and colorful. On clearance now for $10.99. Available in other colors, but with limited sizes.

Do You Like?

I saw this shirt in person and I fell in love with it. It has the image of a vintage Redbook magazine cover on it. I know it's just a simple graphic tee, but I think it would be a great shirt to lounge around in or a cute weekend shirt.

Redbook vintage tee $9.99 @ Target

P.S., get free shipping on your order of $25 or more now through July 1, 2006. Womens' clothing, shoes, and handbags only.

Today's Coupon Codes and Sales

Urban Outfitters: Take 25% off sale items. Ends July 2, 2006.

Payless: Take $5 off $50 or more purchase. Coupon code PSS5OFF50.

Eyes, Lips, Face (ELF): Take 10% off purchase. Coupon code elf10.

ShoeBuy.com: 10% off plus free shipping. Coupon code SHOEBUY. Ends 8-31-06.

Dots: Buy 2, get 1 free on all clearance. Sale starts June 22, 2006.



Payless Summer Sandal Sale (try saying that three times, fast)

Shop online, or pop into your local store to take advantage of this sale. Select womens' style on sale up to 50% off. I heart sales, especially shoe sales.


It's Official! "How to be a Budget Fashionista" is my new bible!

I just finished reading this book last night and it's the most awesome book I've read in a long time. I've gained a lot of knowledge from this book-from how to measure my bra size to how to spot a fake Louis Vuitton handbag (too late at this point, wish I would learned how to spot a fake early last year before giving my money to a "friend" who sold them). I'm not going to go on and on about it. Go out and buy the damn book! Trust me, you won't be disappointed. I've officially made this book my new Cheap Chica bible. Grab your copy from Amazon, Half.com, or visit your local bookstore.

Lunch break shopping: $1.97 clearance @ Old Navy

I found myself driving to Old Navy today on my lunch break. I tried to fight the urge to go because I'm trying to stop shopping (will never happen), but I was looking for a certain color of the flip flops. They were out of the color I wanted, so I decided to browse. I stumbled upon the $1.97 clearance rack. I don't know if this applies to every Old Navy store, but I was informed by one of the salespeople that ALL clearance that has the number "7" at the end of its price is now $1.97 (example: $2.97 or $3.47 is now $1.97). I picked up a few things that I could "use".

Cable knit sweater vest

Crochet wedges

Yoga jacket. This is the back of the jacket. It has a gold embroidered design on it.

Wood beaded tank, also has little sequins on it.

Like I said, I don't know if this clearance sale applies to all Old Navy stores, but they had a good selection of stuff from the spring season. Grand total with tax for me-$8.35. Sweet!


Today's Poll: Which one of these trends are you into right now?

The ones that I'm into right now are the long gold necklaces and the bermuda shorts (I live in bermudas). I'm still kind of not feeling the leggings trend. They look good on everyone else, but I'm not sure if they would look good on me, that's why I'm so afraid to try. Which one of these trends are you feeling right now? Holla!

Bargain Item of the Week 6-18-06

I am so feeling the patent leather belts this season. I bought one not to long ago from the thrift store, but I'm going to have to get this baby from GoJane.com. $10.99, sweet!


Weekend Finds: The usual locales

I know the weekend isn't over yet, but this is what I bought today. I went back to that Goodwill store in Punta Gorda and I took my grandmother-in-law with me. It wasn't as packed as last week, and I actually got a chance to look through the whole store. A lot of the stuff that I wanted were mostly Target castoffs like a brand new Luella cropped jacket for $5.99, which didn't fit me well because of my broad ass shoulders and a brand new Luella skirt for $3.99 which I also didn't get because of my big ass. Anyway, I ended up buying this stuff. By the way, is it me or is the Goodwill starting to get a little too expensive for a thrift store?

Yep, more small purses @ $3.99 each. Not sure of what the brand is for the one on the left, but the gold one on the right is Amarige de Givenchy. Like I mention last week, I don't carry small purses too much, so I figure I will carry these only when I'm going out.

Bronze Mossimo gladiator sandals @ $7.99. Even though they are brand new, I still feel that $7.99 is too much for a thrift store price on a pair of shoes, but whatever, I always liked these shoes and they will join the crowd of the other bronze sandals that I have.

After I dropped granny-in-law off, I went over to my local Ross Dress for Less that I swore I would never go to again. The store was in alright condition this time. I did managed to stay there and shop for 45 minutes this time. Nothing really caught my eye, same ol' same. I tried on about ten shirts only to come out with these two:

Turquoise tank $5.99. It has metal studs around the neckline. Shirt looks better in person. The skull tank actually one of those sweater metallic tanks. It was $8.99. This shirt also looks better in person. Damn camera just doesn't do its job. Time to upgrade.

Me and Mr. Cheap Chica were going to have a few drinks tonight, but if this rain doesn't let up, we won't be going anywhere. Sigh. At least I went shopping before the rain came,lol.

Freebies for all!!!

Just a couple of free samples I thought y'all might be interested in...

  1. Free Paul Smith perfume voucher. Expires 6-30-06.
  2. Free sample of Shower to Shower Shimmer Effects.
  3. Free sample of Lysol santizing wipes.
  4. Neutrogena Pure Glow sample.
  5. RegenaCell anti-aging skin cream sample.

Enjoy and keep it cheap!

When I say I'm cheap, I'm not THIS cheap

I'm cheap. I'm proud to say I am cheap, but I'll be DAMNED if you catch me pulling one of these stunts just to save a dollar:
  1. Using the tray that packaged meat from the store comes in for a plate. Hell to da naah! Why would I put my cooked food that I'm about to eat on some shit that raw, bloody meat just came off of? I don't care if it was disinfected, that's not good. Paper plates cost $1 for a pack, if not less. Buy some and use those instead. Witnessed this move pulled by one of my family members. Not naming names because some of them read this blog.
  2. Jelly jars as drinking cups/glasses. I'm sure there is a Family Dollar or an Old Time Pottery right down the road where you could get a whole drinking cup set for under $10. Save those damn jars for your spare change. And another thing, when you offer me something to drink, do not serve it one of these jars. It's really tacky. Also applies to drink cups from fast food restaurants.
  3. Now this one, I've seen many people do. I personally don't think anything is wrong with it, but I wouldn't do it-saving aluminum cans/bottle tops to turn in for money. I guess it's because I don't drink enough sodas or beer to make it worth my time, but what do those aluminum companies pay anyway, like $.20 per lb? I think it's not worth it, but if that's your thing, more power to ya. You'll have to save a butt-load of cans to get the money that you want. You could probably get enough money to buy yourself a case of soda to start your money making venture up again. No way.
  4. Reusing garbage bags-after the garbage has been dumped out of it. I've witnessed a person in my apartment complex do this, no joke. Now, I hope I'm not offending anyone, but I think it's disgusting. I know garbage bags can be a bit expensive for the top brands, but geez Louise, use leftover grocery bags if you're that hard up on money to put your garbage in. Better yet, just buy a crappy brand of garbage bag that rips when it's too full. Please don't reuse the same one over and over.
  5. Last, but not least, shoplifting. I know people have their reasons for stealing, but the shit is wrong. I've know people who brag about all the money that they have, but will steal the drawers off your grandma when given the opportunity. Not a good look. Sure, I've stolen pens off of people I work with (shhhh!), but I will never stoop to the level of taking anything that doesn't belong to me just because I'm too cheap to go buy it. That's just not what I do.


They're baaaaackkkk....or did they ever leave?

I remember when I had just about every color of these shoes when I was little. They seem to pop up from time to time as the "in" thing, but I can't ever convince myself to buy a pair. I really like this pair from Urban Outfitters and I'm strongly debating about whether I should purchase a pair of these or not. This style of shoe will just about go with anything I have in my closet, but I don't know what I should do. As the old saying goes "when in doubt, do without", but I really like these.

Jelly sandals $16.00, Urban Outfitters

Today's Quiz: Who's your daddy?

Your Daddy Is Ozzy Osbourne

What You Call Him: Papi

Why You Love Him: He takes you to church

Hee, hee, I must be his illegitimate child or somethin'. But as Maury would say, "he is NOT the father". Click on the link above and find out who's your daddy. Happy Father's Day!


Soon-to-be my new Cheap Chica bible

I received my copy of "How to be a Budget Fashionista" by Kathryn Finney today in the mail. I'm very excited about reading this book because I feel that this book was written just for me-being a fashionista for less, lol. For those of you who don't know who Kathryn Finney is, she is the genius behind The Budget Fashionista site. Check out the blog and you'll get an idea of what the book is about. It's one of my favorite sites. I heart her. Head to your local bookstore or check out Amazon.com to snag yourself a copy for about $10. For those of you who've read the book, let me know what you think. Holla!

$5 gift code from Lulu's Fashion Lounge

As long as I've been shopping on Lulu's Fashion Lounge , I've never knew that if you sign up to receive their newsletter, you instantly get a $5 gift code to use. Sweet! All you have to do is go to the site, submit your email address at the bottom of the page and voila! an instant $5 gift code that you can use to buy whatever you like on the site. Plus, you'll know about new merchandise, super secret sales, and fashion trends from the newsletter. Hmm, let's see what I can buy from the cheap cheap section, lol.

Today's Printable Coupon(s) & Codes

Kenneth Cole: Take an additional 40% off permately reduced merchandise. Now thru June 18,2006. Hurry!

ULTA: Take 20% off any purchase. Now through June 18, 2006.

Karmaloop: Free shipping on new arrival orders $10 or more. Coupon code:SUMANIGHTS.

Lerner: Take 50% off any one item. Coupon code: LR50%.

Emitations: Take 20% off your order. Coupon code: LS20P.

Kohl's: Take 10% off your order: Coupon code: NEW2862.

Enjoy and keep it cheap!


Back-to-School bargain shopping tips

I know it's too early to talk about back-to-school, but here in Chicaville, school will be back in before you know it. Here are some tips for you parents, high school students, college students, hell, any student, to get those school supplies and wardrobe,without breaking the bank.

  1. Start buying school supplies right now. If you wait until "back to school" season kick in, chances are you'll be one of the many fighting over school supplies-and you still might not get everything you need. Places like Dollar Tree or any dollar store franchise always have supplies in stock-at least around here in Chicaville. Check them out.
  2. Shop at off-price stores like Ross and TJ Maxx. I remember when I was in high school, I would buy a year's worth of clothes for under $500. My friends would only come home with like two outfits and two pairs of shoes, and their $500 was gone. What a waste of money. Also, scour the clearance racks at your favorite stores. There are usually spring/summer pieces on sale by now that can last you until fall/winter.
  3. College students: Want to save money on those textbooks? Check out sites like Half.com and Amazon for low prices on new or used books.
  4. Looking for affordable school uniforms? Check out School Uniform Warehouse for polos, shorts, skirts, pants, button downs, etc. in sizes ranging from childrens' size 4 to men's/women's sizes.

Good luck with your back to school shopping, I know it could be a pain in the you-know-what. Keep it cheap!


Homemade beauty: banana anti-wrinkle treatment

I ran across this recipe about using bananas as an anti-wrinkle treatment. What? Bananas? I never would've thought that bananas would prevent wrinkles, but it is said that they're very good. Talk about a super cheap way to slow down the aging process. Very simple recipe. Enjoy!

What you need:
1/4 of a banana

What to do:
Mash the banana until creamy. Spread all over face and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water followed by a dash of cool water. Gently pat dry. Use three times a week.

Bargain Shoe of the Week 6-11-06

I've became dangerously obsessed with red shoes lately. Okay, not that obsessed, but I have grown quite fond of them. I never thought in a million years that I would ever wear red shoes. It's just not my color. But, I like these. I like the price. Need I say more?

Classified "Kenny" wedges $19.99, Cutesy Shoes.

Weekend Finds: Shopping in Punta Gorda, FL

Today me and Mr. Cheap Chica went to the grand opening of a new Goodwill store over in Punta Gorda, FL. It was a really nice store-quite big with a great selection of donated goods. All I had was twenty dollars, but I still walked out of there with something even though I'm trying to save my money and not shop (shame on me). I found a cute purse and a pair of cute sandals. Both were $3.99 each. Sweet! I probably could have found more items, but it was a madhouse in there. I couldn't really look for anything because all of the aisles were so crowded. Oh well, I'll try back another time. This is officially my favorite Goodwill store.

I like this purse. Even though I'm not into small purses anymore, I made an exception for this one. I like the padlock on it. I think it's neat!

So happy to find thrift store shoes that are in excellent condition. These look really cute on-the strap goes around the ankle.

We then went on over to the local mall. We went into Old Navy where I found this cute little shrug on clearance for $3.47. I saw in this month's People Style Watch magazine that tied shrugs are played out, but I don't care, I'll still wear this one because I love the color.

I found a couple of accessories from Wet Seal as well. Didn't spend much time in there because some rude bitch tried to start some crap with Mr. Cheap Chica, but I won't get into that. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, people, and stay cheap!


Today's Quiz: What does your favorite outfit say about you?

What Your Brown Outfit Means

You're not too classic, not too funky - just up on the latest trends.

You know what looks good on you, and you love to shop!

You project a smart sense of style, which makes people see you as competent.

Designer match: Rebecca Beeson

Signature accessory: A slim leather belt

I must say, my results to this quiz is right on. I don't know what it is about the color brown, but I sure as hell like wearing it all the time. Click on the link above to see what your favorite outfit says about you. Enjoy!


I Like These...

I could use a pair of sandals in a different color, for a change. Out of all the shoes that I have, I don't own a red pair (shame on me). They kind of remind me of the Steve Madden pair I've seen. And even though the Steve Madden pair is on sale now, I still like the price of these better.

Today's Printable Coupon(s) & Codes

Calvin Klein, Izod, Geoffrey Beene, Van Hausen, and Bass outlet stores: Take 30% off everything. Valid June 8-11, 2006.

Kate Spade Outlet: 10% off $100 or more purchase. Valid June 10-18, 2006.

Lane Bryant catalog: Take $20 off $60 or more purchase. Code: 0051-03569-368

Figleaves: Take $10 off your purchase of $100 or more. Now through 6-30-06.

Old Navy: Free shipping with $100 or more purchase with your Visa card at checkout. Coupon: VISADEAL. Expires 6-30-06.

Lids: 15% off $40 or more purchase. Code: june06lids15. Expires 6-30-06.

Macy's: Free shipping with any $100 or more purchase. Code: DADSDAY. Expires 6-12-06.

Catherine's: Take 20% off your online purchase. Code: 444448864. Expires 8-16-06.

Chadwick's: Take 40% off any single item. Code: CH2280. Expires 6-29-06.

PacSun: Free shipping with $50 purchase. Expires 6-12-06.

Timberland: Take 20% off any purchase. Code: SUMSALE. Expires 6-18-06.

Enjoy and keep it cheap!


Weekend Finds: JC Penney and Walmart

I didn't do any major shopping this weekend. I guess since I've been shopping all this week (shame on me), I was just turned off from doing any more shopping. Me and Mr. Cheap Chica drove over to Lake Okeechobee Saturday, you know, just to get out of Chicaville, and though it is a laid back town, it's kind of too rural for me. I don't think I would ever live there, but it's a beautiful town. We stopped in the local Walmart. We grabbed things for the house as usual, and you know I couldn't leave there without a piece of clothing. I found this:

Kimono-sleeved sweater $9.00 (clearance). It has gold threading in it, can't see in the pic, but it's cute.

I also grabbed a pair of cool madra bermuda shorts for $12, and some bras (gotta have those for my lovely lady lumps).

I received a $10 gift coupon in the mail the other day for JC Penney, so I put that to use today. I couldn't find myself anything, so I bought Mr. Cheap Chica a shirt with the coupon. But then I saw this- dolman tie shrug for $1.77. I couldn't believe how cheap it was, so I grabbed one in white, too.

Dolman shrug $1.77 (clearance)

Bargain Item of the Week 6-4-06

Scallop shell necklace $12.00, Alloy

A cute, summery necklace to compliment any summer outfit. For the next couple of Sundays, I am looking for someone to host the "Bargain Item of the Week". If you would like to participate, email me with a pic of the item, the price, the store, and the link. Include your name (if you're a blogger, include your site address as well so I can link it) and a brief description for the bargain item. I'm doing this on a first come, first serve basis, so whoever's email I get first will be hosted next Sunday, and whoever is second will be hosted the following Sunday and so on. Holla!

Summer fashion do's and don'ts....according to Glamour magazine

Here's a clip from Good Morning America about what to wear and what not to wear for summer. I think the woman representing Glamour magazine writes the "Do's and Don'ts" column every month. Now, I agree with some of the things that are in and out, but the part about coral nail polish on just your toes and not your fingernails, I don't. As a matter of fact, I'm wearing coral nail polish right now as we speak-on both fingernails and toes, lol. What are your summer do's and don'ts? Holla!


My must-have summer accessories

1. Flip flops (hello?). You can't start the summer off without a cool pair of flip flops.You could find tons of cute and inexpensive ones out there from American Eagle Outfitters to Old Navy. Or, create your own unique pair. Get that glue gun and go to work . Or, just go for the classic ones like these, in a variety of colors.

Classic flip flops 2 for $5 (y'all know I love these), Old Navy

2. Sunglasses. Make sure they are the right shape for your face. So what if someone says that oversized glasses are in , not everyone can pull them off. Get some that will flatter you and that you'll feel comfortable in.

"Absolutely Fabulous" sunglasses $5.00, Lulu's Fashion Lounge

3. Long necklaces. My personal fave. I think a cute necklace will instantly take the bore out of boring outfit and, I saw in one of my fave magazines that you could also wear the necklace as a belt. The way I saw it worn in the magazine was cute-couldn't tell that it was actually a necklace. Double duty for long necklaces!

Metal and bead necklace $10.50, Claires

4. Gladiator sandals. I already have tons of these from this spring. They'll work their way right into this summer. You could dress these up or down. They pretty much go with anything.

Soda "Life" sandal $12.99, GoJane

5. Oversize tote....to carry all of my crap in when I go to the beach, or anywhere. There are a really cute ones that are made of straw and printed canvas that are versatile enough to carry you from the beach straight into town.

Pleated tote $19.99, Target

Today's Quiz: What kind of sandal are you?

You are Platform Sandals

Funky and urban

You've got a cutting edge style that everyone envies

A little bit downtown, a little bit euro, and whole lot of sexy!

Click on the link above to see what kind of sandal you are. Enjoy!
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