Weekend finds: The "green-tag" rack

I went over to JC Penney this weekend because I haven't been there in a while. Although I'm on a somewhat shopping ban, the "green-tag" clearance racks that they have in there enticed me. For those of you that don't know what the "green tag" racks are, it's the final clearance that is marked down 75% or more. I browsed the $1.97 and $3.97 racks. I found these items:

Miss Bisou wide-leg trouser jeans $3.97. Sorry for the awful pic. I think I should get a new camera for Christmas. I love these jeans, they are so lightweight.

Miss Bisou flare jeans $3.97

shorts $3.97. I guess I could wear these until the cold front comes, lol.

top $1.97. I bought this for my cousin as a gift. I hope she likes it.

While out grocery shopping at Tar-zhay, you know I had to browse the clearance. Here's what I found:

top $2.48

Mossimo denim pencil skirt $4.98

Under $5 find

Snakeskin textured earrings $3.99, GoJane

My Ebay listing for this week

Okay Chicas, here's my Ebay listing for this week. I haven't sold anything on Ebay in a while, I almost forgot how to post stuff on there, lol. Help a sista out.

  1. Brand new Miss Bisou wide leg trouser jeans sz 30 ****update**** for some strange reason, this link isn't working. I'll find out what the prob is. Sorry. I guess for now, type "miss bisou wide leg trouser jeans" in the search box on Ebay.

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You Are Bold Red Boots

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Lunch break shopping: Old English initial pendant @Wet Seal

I've been stalking these initial pendants for a while. Even though I don't have the money to buy one from ShopIntuition, I found one at Wet Seal for a lot less.

Personalized Old English initial pendant $70-$164.00, ShopIntuition

Old English initial pendant $6.50, Wet Seal. These aren't available for purchase online yet. I found this in my local store. Sorry for the pic.

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Today's Printable Coupons & Codes

From Style for Free:

Baby Phat: Take 30% off all eyewear. Coupon code: BPEYEWEAR. Expires 10-25-06 (holy shit, that's today, hurry!)

Buy Beauty: Take 15% off your order. Coupon code: V1215. Now thru 12-02-06.

Linens n' Things: Take 20% off a single item. Coupon code: 103500000001. Expires 12-31-06.

Our Fashion House: Take an additional 30% off sale merchandise. Coupon code: FALL30. Expires 10-26-06. Hurry!

From Wow coupons:

Banana Republic: Take 15% off a purchase of $75 or more. Now thru 10-30-06.

Old Navy: Take $5 off a purchase of $25 or more (in store only). Now thru 10-31-06.

Party City: Take $5 off a purchase of $25 or more. Now thru 11-30-06.

Yankee Candle: Take $10 off a purchase of $25 or more. Now thru 11-30-06.

Clearance event @TJ Maxx

For three days only (October 26-28, Thurs, Fri, Sat), take an additional 25% off all clearance items including jewelry. This is sooooo tempting, but I'm on a semi shopping ban. Sigh. Run, don't walk, to TJ Maxx to take advantage of this sale.


Organization: Belts and shoes

I decided to finally organize my belts and flip flops that I had piling up in the closet.

24 pocket over the door shoe organizer. This organizer holds 12 pairs of shoes. Since I'm using it for my flip flops, it holds 24 pairs. I think I paid $6.99 for this when it was on sale at K-Mart. You can find them anywhere that sells closet organization products. Here's one that I found from K-Mart:

Martha Stewart 24 pocket over-the-door shoe organizer $10.99, K-Mart

For the other shoes in my bedroom closet, I bought a shelf organizer. You could use these organizers for anything- toys, small accessories, hosiery, etc. I bought this 10 shelf organizer from Ross for $4.99:

Martha Stewart 10 shelf shoe bag $10.99, K-Mart

Last, but not least, all of those belts that I had in a dresser drawer now have their own place in the closet. I bought a friction belt loop, also from Ross, for $1.99.

This is just some of the belts, I'm not done yet, lol.

Friction belt loop $3.99, Bed Bath & Beyond

Weekend finds: New bag

My family and I had another garage sale yesterday. I spent this whole week gathering up items that me and Mr. Cheap Chica don't use anymore and boy, was it a lot stuff. My closet and apartment are free of clutter. The stuff that I mostly gotten rid of was clothes (no surprise). And seeing all of that stuff that I've either haven't worn or worn once and never again, made me take a good look at my spending habits. Never again will I impulse buy. I will only buy items that I need and not want from now on. But, I needed a top for a night on the town, so I trotted over to Wet Seal and found this top:

Plaid print surplus top $14.50. It has gold threading in it. I was going to wear black dressy shorts, my black patent slingbacks (not sure if I was going to wear those shoes with it), and dress it up with gold accessories, but for some reason, the gold necklace that I had kind of threw the whole outfit off. At that point, I didn't want to wear this outfit anymore, so I looked in my closet for something else to wear.

I didn't feel like going out anymore, so Mr. Cheap Chica and I went out for ice cream (Coldstone Creamery stays open until 11 pm). After that, we went to Wally World to grocery shop so we didn't have to do it today.

Metro 7 bag $11.00 (clearance), Walmart. I needed a new bag, and this one is perfect- so roomy, plus I love the color.


Today's Quiz: What sexy Halloween costume are you?

Your Sexy Halloween Costume Is


This costume is perfect because I am a queen, lol.


I like this

Wooden and gold leaf bracelet $8, Lulu's Fashion Lounge

Lacy finds under $30

Lace is one of the big trends for fall/winter. Put a little lace in your life without crippling your wallet.

"Forme" heels $25.99, Go Jane

Lace and bead bracelet $15.20, ASOS

Clutch $14.99, Target

George lace top $19.64, Walmart

Lace overlay patent belt $12.00, Mandee

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  2. Eucerin Redness Relief sample
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Hey! Can you spot me a 10?

Here's a cute pair of dressy heels for the club or a special occassion. Only $10 at Bakers. Also available in brown. Thanks Keli (The K-Spot) for spotting the sale!


This woman gets free grocery

I read this story in this week's People magazine. This article is from The Boston Globe:

CANTON -- Alana Lipkin walked out of the Shaw's Supermarket here last week with 12 items -- everything from a Kodak disposable camera to Neutrogena hand cream -- all for free.

She wasn't shoplifting. She was taking advantage of the chain's price accuracy guarantee, which gives shoppers a product for free if it scans at the register for a price higher than advertised. Lipkin is so good at finding mispriced items that she says she typically snags more than $200 worth of free merchandise per store visit.
But her days as the queen of supermarket pricing errors may be nearing an end. The region's two largest supermarket chains have banned Lipkin from their stores, calling her a disruptive influence. Lipkin, a 45-year-old single mother of two from Framingham, says the stores are blaming her for their failure to accurately price their products.
Lipkin has been pursuing pricing errors and the free merchandise they yield at a variety of retailers for close to nine years, usually three to four times a week. She calls what she does a hobby, but others who know her describe her as a professional shopper.
At a Shaw's in Ashland recently, Lipkin said she snared products worth more than $1,200. Her car is filled to the roof with shopping bags full of cups, sponges, toys, candles, and hand creams -- all obtained for free.
Lipkin uses some of the products she gets, gives some away, barters some with friends, and stockpiles the rest. She said she has been training friends to do what she does.
``This is a way, in an ideal world, that I would get the stores to comply with the law," she said. ``If more people did it, there would be fewer problems at stores."
Stop & Shop Supermarkets three years ago notified Lipkin she would be arrested for trespassing if she entered any of its stores. Shaw's sent Lipkin a similar letter Aug. 10, which she received shortly after the Globe accompanied her on one of her shopping trips.
``We do that with any customer who becomes disruptive in our stores," said Judy Chong , a spokeswoman for Shaw's.
Faith Weiner , a spokeswoman for Stop & Shop, said she believes Lipkin is the only customer the store has ever banned. ``We felt that she took unfair advantage of our price accuracy policy and tried to manipulate it to her advantage," Weiner said.
Howard Friedman , a Boston civil rights lawyer, said retailers are entitled to bar customers from their stores, particularly if the customer is being disruptive, but he said there might be a public policy issue if a store used the trespass laws to exclude someone who was merely exercising his or her rights.

[Continue reading...]


Weekend finds

I didn't do much shopping this weekend. I wasn't in the mood (gasp!). We went to Ross Dress for Less in the next town over and I found a few things.

Butterfly belt $6.99, Ross

Kimono top $8.99, Ross Dress for Less

I also bought a black shirtdress for $10.99, but the pic came out too dark.

Dedicated Cheap Chica reader, Shatira, gave me a heads up on further clearance reductions at Target. I found this dolman sleeve sweater in brown and black for $4.48 each.

Here's a better pic if you can't see mine:

sweater $12.59 (clearance), Target

Thanks, Shatira!
P.S. If y'all didn't get the leopard print flats on sale the first time around from Target, they're back on sale this week for $11.99. Visit your local store or go online.

Today's Printable Coupons & Codes

From Keycode.com (thanks Alina!)

Fashion Bug: Take 15% off your purchase. Coupon code: 776146805. Now thru 10-26-06.

Avenue: Take 20% off your entire purchase. Coupon code: 61290. Now thru 10-31-06.

Esprit: Take 10% off regular priced items. Coupon code: esp12. Now thru 10-31-06.

Fresh Pair: Take 10% off your entire order, plus free shipping. Coupon code: FPKeycode. Now thru 1-1-07.

from Wow coupons:

Calvin Klein Outlet (Premium Outlets only): Take 30% off any purchase. Oct. 19-22, 2006.

Cole Haan: Take 20% off your purchase when you bring in your new or gently worn shoes to any Cole Haan retail store. Oct. 13-22, 2006.

DKNY Outlet (Premium Outlets only): Take 20% off when you spend $50 or more. Now thru 10-22-06.

Liz Claibourne Outlet (Premium Outlets): Take 20% off when you spend $50 or more. Now thru 10-22-06.

Toys R Us: Take 20% off $75 or more purchase (Friends and Family 6pm-9pm). One day only 10-16-06.


Today's Quiz: What modern bombshell are you most like?

You Are Most Like Charlize Theron

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Cheap Chica forum, feedback and ideas wanted

Okay, Chicas, I need some feedback and new ideas for the Cheap Chica forum. Tell me what new categories I should add on to it or anything to make it better and get some traffic going up in there. And don't be afraid to start a topic. I don't think you need to be a registered member. Holla!


Today's video clip: Andy Dick's skinny black pants (seen @Beauty Addict)

Here's a clip of Andy Dick on the Jimmy Kimmel show spoofing the Audrey Hepburn black skinny pants commercial. This is funny! Enjoy.


Weekend finds: Cheap Chica's garage sale & I know y'all are tired of Target

This past Saturday, my in-laws and I held a garage sale. I love having garage sales because not only are you getting rid of the unwanted clutter in your house, but you're making money off it. Me and my better half decide to get rid of some clothes and shoes that we didn't want anymore. As much as I love Ebay, I just don't have the time, or the insertion and final sale fees, to post my junk on there, so this garage sale was a better alternative. Another great thing about having a garage sale with your family is that you could browse their unwanted stuff and usually get it for free. Here are a couple of items that my mother-in-law's friend gave me:

Mini deep fryer. I insisted on buying it from her for $5, but she said I could have it for free. When it comes to free stuff, you don't have to tell me twice.

My mother-in-law's friend was selling her purses for $0.50 each. She gave this one to me for free.

I went grocery shopping yesterday at Target and of course, I had to browse through the clothing. Now, I know y'all are sick of me and Tar-zhay, but that's alright. I love Target and I'm going to shop there and post my finds from there on my blog until the day that I die. So, there. Moving on....
I ended up getting a pair of cropped skinny jeans (see post below) for $6.24, and a sweater tunic for $8.48.

The color of this top is called "cement", looking kind of greenish-gray. It has gold lurex in it.

Clearance Alert: Cropped skinny jeans @ Target

Mossimo cropped skinny jeans $17.49, Target

I went to my local Target yesterday and got these jeans for $6.24. Sweet deal! Out of all of the skinny jeans that I've tried on, these actually fit me the best, and they're cute in real life.


Today's Printable Coupons & Codes

AKO Style: Take 20% off your order. Coupon code: CDAY. Now thru 10-12-06.

Target: Take 10% off your order. Coupon code: TCJKHGFD

Spiegel: Take an extra 20% off clearance prices. Coupon code: 221 (seen @Style for Free)

American Eagle Outfitters: Take 15% off any purchase. Now thru 10-11-06. (seen@ wow coupons)

World Market: Take 40% off regular priced item. Now thru 10-21-06. (seen@ wow coupons)

Bloomingdale's: Take an extra 40% off already reduced items. Coupon code: LEAVES. Now thru 10-9-06. Hurry! (seen@ Style for Free)

Designer way vs. Cheap Chica way

Designer way
Jimmy Choo "Ramona" tote $1850.00, Neiman Marcus
Cheap Chica Way
Trasitional "Jimmy" tote $34.00, AKO Style

Flavaz 4 Divaz

The Cheap Chica has discovered another place to shop. Flavaz 4 Divaz is a local store here in Ft. Myers that have just opened up nearly a month ago. They have all the latest fashions at really great prices. Their shoes start at $5.99 and up- perfect for a shoe whore and cheap chica like me, lol. There's also a great selection of handbags, jewelry, and belts. Here's what I found when I sneaked a peek in there:

belt $5

So, for all of my local cheap chicas here in the "239" (Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh, Naples,etc.), or if you're an out-of-town chica just passing through, check them out. They are located at:
Flavaz 4 Divaz
3618 Fowler St.(next to Badcock Furnishings)
Fort Myers, FL 33901


If I was a rich girl, nonna, nonna, nonna, nonna, nonna, nonna, nonna, na

I would buy this bag.....

Marc Jacobs "Karen" python handle bag $2800, Neiman Marcus

But right now, it ain't happenin'....

Lunch break shopping: Payless

While on my lunchbreak, I ended up buying these shoes that I posted about two weeks ago. I bought them in black, because I was torn about that blue color. I saw the blue shoe in person, and I didn't really like it. The blue looked like it would be too hard to match up. It's nowhere close to how it looks online. I saw these gold, glittery shoes and I really like them, but I already have enough of gold shoes. Hell, I already have enough shoes, period. One more pair won't hurt.

"Ilektra" pump $19.99


Cheap and Cheaper: Payless vs. GoJane.com


"Jessica" pump $19.99, Payless (first seen @The K-Spot)


"Parco" heel $18.99, Go Jane

Similar shoes with $1 difference between the price. Which one would you choose and why?

Today's Quiz: Are you a snob?

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Weekend finds: Tops and necklaces

This weekend, I went to a new Ross Dress for Less that just opened up a week ago. I bought these two tops. Although they are simple, solid colored tops, a cute necklace can jazz them up a bit.

top $7, Ross Dress for Less; necklace $7, Wet Seal

closeup of necklace

top $7; necklace $5, Walmart. I don't think I will wear this necklace with this top, although I could. I think I will find a funkier necklace to go with it.

closeup of detailing on the shirt

I also stopped in Target. You know the deal. I went in there looking for those leopard flats that I posted last week, but they didn't have them. I found this top and necklace, both on clearance, instead.

top $8.48, Target; necklace $3.98, also from Target
closeup of necklace
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