Clearance alert: Walmart

Metro 7 balloon sleeved top $10, Walmart

I'm almost better. I can walk without being in agonizing pain, but my back still hurts a little. I should be fine by tomorrow. Anyway.....

I saw this top over at Too Cute, and I love it. I was at Walmart Saturday and I spotted this top marked down even lower for $7.
I should've tried it on, but Mr. Cheap Chica was ready to go. I hate when people rush you. What do y'all think of this top? What would you wear with it? Holla!


Anonymous said...

hey chica,

hope you are doing ok. I enjoy your blog and wouldn't wanna miss your opinions. Thanks for the hard work.

Get better sooon!

- fondly, morysmiles, nj

The Cheap Chica said...

^^^thanks so much! hopefully, i'll be fully recovered by tomorrow. this back pain is no joke, lol.

budgetchic said...

I bought this top in creme and black and its an excellent bag and it a classic poet top so you can have it for a long, long time.

budgetchic said...

ooh mean to say choice instead of bag

chic said...

i bought this a couple of weeks ago without trying it on and once i got it home i didnt like it. the sleeves were too big for me but congrats to all who felt it was for them. different strokes for different folks...i ain't hatin!! :)