Lunch break shopping: Payless- my new espadrilles

I've been on a Payless high this past week, but that's besides the point. The point is, when I saw this great post over at Budget Chic about these shoes, I had to have a pair. I was skeptical about them at first because all of the similar styles that I've seen out in the stores lately are at least five inches high. Not going to work for a tall girl like me. I tried them on and they weren't too Herman Munster-ish. The sole isn't all that chunky- which I love. I wish they had more colors, though.

"Reagan" espadrille $19.99. Also, I'm not sure how old this coupon code is (16425 at checkout), but see if you could use it to get $2 off a purchase of $9.99 or more. If it doesn't work, I'm sorry. I'll try to dig one up in the near future. Thanks Budget Chic!


budgetchic said...

These are cute!! I tried the other pair "red/polka dot" by American Eagle and it look too, well Minnie Mouse-ish. So I decided to pass on that trend. I couldn't see myself getting alot of mileage out of that one.

The Cheap Chica said...

^^^yeah, i saw the polka dot ones, too. if they didn't have the bow on them, then they won't seem so minnie mouse-ish.

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