Weekend finds: Yellow wedge sandals

wedges $20.99, Go Jane

Didn't really go anywhere this weekend other than Sally's Beauty Supply where I bought some more hair products. I'm trying to get my hair in good shape, because up until last year, I didn't really do much to my hair other than tie it back in a ponytail and wear braids. Well, I stopped the ponytail thing this week because my hair was breaking off at the hairline. I purchased some ORS Fertilizing Temple Balm to help get my thinning edges back in shape. That stuff is like $13 for a 2 oz. jar, so I hope it works. Anyway, like I said, I didn't really go anywhere. I did a little online shopping on GoJane.com and purchased these cute yellow wedges. I'm supposed to be on a mini shopping ban, but you know me, shopping bans just don't work.

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