The Fusion Boutique

I'm not sure how long this boutique has been around, but I was aware of its existence while visiting Painfully Hip (painfully awesome blog, by the way), and saw all of the cool things this girl has found. The Fusion Boutique has very cute items, not to mention very great prices. Here are some items that I might have to snatch up:

  1. orange floral dress $29.99
  2. green quilted belt $9.99
  3. brown top $22.99
  4. white dress $18.99

Right now, take 10% off plus free shipping within the US for orders $50 or more. Coupon code PAINFULLYHIP. Sweet, sweet, sweet!


Kristi said...

That orange floral dress is so cute. n

The Fusion Boutique said...

The coupon code is PAINFULLYHIP if you're interested! Thanks a bunch for you're interest in our store!

amber said...

thanks, The Cheap Chica! you're pretty awesome yourself!
-amber at painfullyhip.com

The Cheap Chica said...

you're welcome, amber and thanks

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