I see right through you....under $100

clear headband $4.50, Claires

lucite wedges $79.95, Bakers Shoes

  • purse $20.99
  • sunglasses $5.99
  • belt $11.99. All items from Go Jane

    Get transparent this season with clear accessories. Lucite jewelry and see-through accessories such as belts and handbags, are must haves for Spring 2007. Get in on the trend for super-cheap.


Anonymous said...

that is good news that the clear look is back in because I was dreading wearing clear shoes in my brothers wedding. I still haven't found a pair of just decent looking plain clear ones without looking like a stripper or a pageant girl! hahaha

Julia_Claudine_Deveraux said...

I LOVE those red shoes! I may need to cop those

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