Weekend find: Tar-jay and I still haven't received last week's find

Went on my bi-weekly grocery shopping trip and found this nice top. The color is actually a little darker in real life. That's what attracted me to it. Dark oranges and browns are my favorite colors.
Remember last week's post about the yellow wedges that I ordered from Go Jane? I went online and checked the shipping status of my package yesterday and it said that my package was delivered on Friday! Um, hello, I didn't receive it. I called USPS and was told to contact the sender. So, I tried calling Go Jane, but they're not open on the weekends. Damn. So, I emailed them and expect to hear something tomorrow. I hope they find out what happened to my package.

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notsocrafty.com said...

Wow, I love it! Beautiful color and style. I always have problems with Target clothes though their sizes seem to fluctuate.

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