Weekend finds: Dots in Orlando

I really enjoyed myself in Orlando this past weekend. Mr. Cheap Chica and I went to Universal Studios Mardi Gras and watched Sean Paul perform (sorry, I was going to take pics, but I forgot my camera). He puts on a great show. While we were waiting before the show started, about three fights broke out. One of the fights was right in front of us. This lady was trying to get through the crowd. Instead of being civil about it and excusing herself, she just started shoving people. One of the people that she shoved wasn't having it, so they shoved her back. The last thing that I remembered was that the lady who started the shoving got hit in the head with a popcorn box. So uncalled for. I don't know why grown ass people behave like children. The place was packed, so if someone bumps into you by accident, just let it go. It's a concert for crying out loud. Even later on in the show, Sean Paul called out some people for fighting in the crowd. It's so not worth it. Anyway, I went to Dots earlier that day. I didn't find much, just a dress, three tops, and two pairs of earrings (not pictured):

  • black/fuschia babydoll top $15.
  • white mandarin collar top $15
  • puff sleeve striped top $15
  • dress $20


Lana said...

Check out my sandals featured on my website!


budgetchic said...

Love the white top and b/w dress!! Great find. DOTS is one of my favorite shopping spots! ;-)

The Cheap Chica said...

I heart Dots, too bad we don't have one in my town. I have to wait to go out of town to shop there.

Anonymous said...

I like the b&w dress the best. Great bargains for the rest of them too.

JaHaute said...

Chica you're the best. I think the first dress could pass for something from Anna Sui's last line!
Great find - she used similar prints...

The Cheap Chica said...

thank you anonymous 1:13

jahaute, that's actually a top. that anna sui dress is hot!