Lunch break shopping: Wet Seal

JaHaute asked me in my last "Lunch break Shopping" post if I ever eat on my lunch break. The answer to that question is yes- while I'm shopping, lol. Just kidding. The days that I go lunch break shopping are the days that I have a big breakfast and I'm usually still full until work is over. My job is very close to the mall and my apartment, so when I don't feel like going home for an hour or sit there at work for an hour, I go over to the mall just to browse the new merchandise. Today, I went over to Wet Seal. I was hoping that they had this tank in my size, but they didn't. However, they did a further markdown on all of their clearance accessories. Clearance belts were $1, clearance jewelry were $1, and clearance handbags were $5. Here's what I bought:

  • patent chain handle bag $5
  • beaded necklace $1
  • belt $1
  • top $15.50


Budget Chic said...

Nice Finds, good bargain shopping. I like the belt and top!!!

jEzmiNe tHe shOpPeR said...

i sOo eNvY U!! i waNt wet sEal!! i LovE everYtinG u boUghT!!

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