Clutch Magazine May 2007 issue

While I'm waiting for the mailman to deliver my latest issues of Glamour, Elle, Bazaar, etc, I go online to get my fashion and beauty fix from Clutch magazine. In this month's issue, there's an article on how to be fly without breaking the bank , an interview with fashion enthusiast/author, Tia Williams, as well as an interview with Project Runway's Tim Gunn. Clutch also has daily gossip, news and info. So if you love fashion, beauty, culture and life, add Clutch to the list of your favorite reads. You won't be disappointed.


Lana said...

You've got a very stylish blog!

Check out my summer fashions at my blog!



Jenny said...

Glad to see you're back in the swing of things.

See what items I think are must haves for this Summer - and some fun celebrity gossip/photos

Daniela said...

Glad so see you're back. I like your style. I just started a shopping blog. It's really new so I'd love you to check it out at blog.like.com

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