What I'm reading now: "How Do You Work this Life Thing?" by Lizzie Post

Man, where was this book eight years ago when I became an independent woman? Lizzie Post, great great granddaughter of Emily Post and daugther of author Peter Post, gives you this interesting guide on how to deal with life as a newly independent young adult. This book offers advice for everything- from choosing your roommates (and learning how to get along with them), to landing the perfect job. The section in the book that I've most enjoyed was moving into your first place and choosing your roommates, because it brought back memories for me. I wish this book was available when Mr. Cheap Chica and I moved into our first apartment because the advice in this book probably would've avoided us from trying to strangle each other, lol. Just kidding. I recommend this book for anyone getting out on their own for the first time. It's not easy, but I'm sure this book would help guide you through.
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