Bargain shoe of the week 6-17-07

Brown and orange multi print slingback $24, Lulu's Fashion Lounge
FORUM TOPIC(S) OF THE DAY: As we all know, Sarah Jessica Parker's clothing line, Bitten, debuted at Steve and Barry' s nearly two weeks ago. Since I don't have a S&B in my town, and I haven't seen the clothing yet other than what I've seen on the 'net, share your thoughts on the clothing and if you bought anything or why you didn't buy anything.


Anonymous said...

The clothing is good quality for a great price. The problem with her line is the sizing is off and not by 1 size, It's cut small if your a 2 you'd have too by a 6. You'd be lucky if you fit a 4. Other than that, the clothing line isn't too bad. So if you plan on purchasing from S&B just remember 2 by a size up or 2 from your norm.

Honee B said...

I have to agree with the comment above, sizing is definitely off! She does have some cute things, but the items she debuted on Oprah are from the fall collection and are not in stores just yet! It's definitely better than what's available now, all the shirts are made out of the really sheer thin material that u can see thru and have to wear a tank under(kinda like Target shirts) and those shirts stain VERY easily!

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